he reposted just below his original with 18, instead of 81. typo, perhaps? Of course, now I think he's just spamming :)

SirThom said:
6,468 days.
Thanks for making me get the calculator :)

And as for me, I'm 29 (or roughly 10,625 days)


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The youngest Christian I've met was 13.
Well you were 13, five years ago, Atown ;).

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The oldest Christian I've met, well,
they are much, much older than me...and have kids...

I'm 25.

The CGA Forums ranges from youngsters to adults. Mostly teens, very few "old people". But if you notice closely, some of them are a family; Husband, Wife; Father, Son, Brother, Brother, etc.

After all, you are all 1 happy religious family.