Anyone playing this at all?

I've been playing GW2 since last summer. I'm thinking about resubbing to SWTOR but haven't pulled the trigger yet.
I subbed again and plan to play for a few months at least, or more. Looking forward to the Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion. Trying to get a few characters up to 60. Baeric is my highest, and still at 55. :)
Been playing a lot during the daytime, since I am retired.
I still play off and on. I re-sub'd for a few months earlier this year but kinda got bored solo.
I had to drop my sub for financial reasons. I started GW2 but the pve bores me to tears. I want to sub again before the new x-pack so I can get the bonuses but not sure when/if that's happening.
To get the new companion that is coming, you must be subbed by July 31st. I re-subed and will stay subed through October to get the bonuses and play the new content free. I hope it is as good as they are making it out ti be. I have been playing solo, and have a lot of alts not in the guild cause I can invite my own characters. I like the pve, but it would be so much better with others in a group, and getting the social bonuses and points.
I said "hi" twice last night, but you missed it. I got one of the seven day sub trials right now, hoping I can swing a real sub by the end of the week. Kinda depends on the bills. Anyhow, did Ziost with two toons now. Feh. Deeply disappointed in that. I plan to level up my lowbe and maybe roll a new character. I have a few I haven't run though SoR yet so I will look to getting them done and the companion armor done before October.
Sorry about that. Next try a whisper. I think it makes a sound when I get a whisper, but not for guild chat.

I've been leveling many alts, but would like to get my main to 60, but I find it far to difficult (for me anyway) to do some of the solo quests. So, I am pretty much stuck without others to group with. I have been considering leaving and joining another guild, though I really don't want to. So many people playing, but none from ToJ.
PS: I have many alts not in the guiuld because i have no way to get them in. I am playing the alts a lot, so you won't see me in the guild much.
My alts on Republic side are: J'ak, Malikeye
On Imp side are: Andreius

Just FYI.
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My Rep toons are:
Yogoko lvl 29
Bectebo lvl 19

My Sith toons are:
Mahkia lvl 23
Bendor lvl 20
Baylo lvl 17

I still play a few days a week. FYI.
Are you on Bergern Colony?

If so, keep an eye out for one of my alts. or an officer (do a search for the guild name to see who's on I think RhemaTom is Guild leader in game again.)
No, I left and moved to Ebon Hawk server with an active Christian guild. Sorry, but it was too lonely. :)