Arcane Mage


Here is how to play an arcane mage:

Hit "1" until your fingers break.
Pound that key while you watch Gilligan's Island re-runs in the background.
Forget where any other powers are in your set up and complain about dying by some coincidental way when you find yourself in a faceplant and unable to get up.
Conjure some mana cakes for the healer after they rez you for the upteenth time.

Rinse and repeat.

If you have any questions about the above, please forward them to Todd as he is a perfect fail mage.
For my mage its '2', I don't know where your getting your information bub, but '2' is the more properly configured button for that spell. Anyone who says its '1' just isn't doing it right, and needs to study up on the spec a bit more.
I have come to the conclusion that because arcane mages are easy to play their dps is capped lower than the more difficult dps classes. How so? Using our raid group and looking at dps per gear level may be the easier contrast for me. This is not a knock on Steve, Adam, Darren or Karl whatsoever - actually it's more of a 'high praise' - When I compare gear per slot (yes I have pieces fully gemmed, reforged, etc) I am the highest geared toon in our raid and yet struggle with hitting top spot in dps. Rotations are quite simple and I don't believe I mess it up too often. I time my AB spam to match with my cooldown on evocation to max my dps; I constantly use my other cooldowns in appropriate rotation as well. So, as superior as my other raiding mates are, I find that if we were all equally geared I would be last in dps.

This is not disheartening at all - as I said this is massive praise for how well these other guys play their toons. I now can't wait to get my shadow priest up to this level to be able to compare. :)

On a side note, I do admit and know that fire mages are quite OP, even with a 6% nerf but I find that the burst damage with arcane is much more necessary for certain fights within DS. eg. elementium bolt on Madness, burning tendon on Spine, etc.