Avalon city campaign (Foothold)


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Sweat stung his eyes! It was hot here today in Avalon City. “Knight Anthony” one of the men on his left yelled, “they’re coming” As if MOntrez couldn't see the Drakorans soldiers rushing them, these one we’re big. He had to admit they did look rather fierce. He Chanted Isaiah 54:17 as he felt the fear coming off his men.

“no weapon forged against you will prevail, and you will refute every tongue that accuses you. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD , and this is their vindication from me," declares the LORD

He continued to pray in tongues. The sound to the men was that of rhythmic chanting. 10 men who stood in full armor to the left and right of the big knight. Five men and each side. Fear ebbed to the nervous tension of battle, etheral fire started flowing in their blood. The Praying in tongues drowned out the hissing of the Drakorans. The chanting grew as the charge of the Drakorans ate up the space between them and the Humans. Drakorans hissing gave way as one soldier and then another took up with The Paladin’s praying in tongues. Soon the line was of one focus, as in the heavenly realms angels prayed in sequence with them.

Ethereal swords swirled above the men praying in tongues in the spiritual realm as the Angels prayed in tongues around the men. Touching their shoulders in turn as ethereal armor encased their physical bodies. With a roar of super natural proportion, Montrez ordered the men in to formation.

“Spear-FORWARD” He boomed. And the men to the left and right of him moved the appropriate number of steps forward as they formed a V formation and divided the charge of the hissing Drakorans.

“Engage” Shouted Knight Montrez as his war axe cleaved flesh and bone. One unlucky Dragonman went to bite Montrez and got a mouthful of shield for his trouble. “Ya Though I walk through the Valley of death” Montrez Chanted as his axe and shield found their mark again and again. As he recited verse after verse of the Good book, his men follow suit. He could hear the men Chanting the verses with him; as they waded through the Drakorans like a machine of whirling blades. Montrez Squad broke the charge and killed double their number as they watched the wounded Drakorans retreat once again.

“Sergeant” Montrez bellowed. A stocking man with a barrel chest looked around and quickly yelled “Who’s wounded” No one answered, “IS anyone dead?” He got eight “not me.” From the men who looked to see if anyone was missing.

The short Sergeant looked around and did a quick count. One, two, three, …Eight.
“Sir! The men are all present and fit for duty.”

“Praise the Lord! Sergeant” Montrez Exclaimed as he clapped his loyal Sergeant on the shoulder. Montrez removed his helmet and tilted his head back, thank you Father.” He prayed. He dropped his axe in to his belt loop. Dropped to his knees and began to pray. Thanking God for this victory. His men seeing their commander followed suit only three stood and even they mutter prayers to the God Montrez Followed

“Knight Montrez!” a Voice carried from well behind the line. Montrez looked up and he saw another Knight with a full company behind him. “Is there a war?” Montrez joked, his battle weary men chucked. They had been in battle to long and are now relived their replacements have arrived. The young Knight looked unamused.

The young Knight dismounted and stood in front of Montrez. He came to attention snapped his heels together and unsheathed his sword and slammed his right fist with sword against his left breast sword pointing toward the sky. Knight Victor Thatcher reporting for duty. Along with company twelve, twelve.!”

Montrez returned the salute and replied. Knight Montrez Anthony of The Knights of the Trinity, Acting Officer of 1st Platoon, Company eight four. Camp Baker Street Is yours Knight Victor.” Montrez knew proper protocal would be to allow the Young knight to state his orders and then give them to him. But They both knew why he was here and if it wasn't to relieve his men, then Montrez really didn't want to talk to him.

Montrez Smiled. “Have your men relieved my men and I will brief you in an hour there. Montrez Pointed to the way about half way down the road was a Small Inn named the Stubborn Pig. There we Two Guard down the road. “And Knight” Montrez finished. ” I would post two of your men for every one I have here.”

Knight Victors eyes narrowed. He did not like this suggestion that Montrez’s Men we better than his, but The Lord Marshal had warned him.

“Montrez is an Arrogant snob.” The Lord Marshall had stated back in Camelot. ‘He prays and kills and he’s good at it. He has held Camp baker for 6 weeks now. He’s the only one who secured it for longer than a day. The Lord Marshals Voice rose. “And the Dog’s done it with only Ten, just ten men and from what I hear they were misfits to begin with and two of the motley crew he recruited from the Stockade!”

Knight Victor had heard all kinds of stories of the Knight of the Trinity. A lot he chalked up to hearsay and rumor. Besides Montrez Anthony was a big 6 foot solider and wide shoulder, Middle age and he looked tired and he was dirty, but in his eyes there was a spark of life in those eyes. Of course the Drakorans blood did not enhance his appearance.

“Sergeant” Montrez yelled over his soldier “YES Sir” The barrel chested man appeared behind Montrez Knight. Victor thought, Funny he didn’t notice him till now. “Sergeant when The Knight Victor men set to replace 1st platoon, you stay behind to give them advise as you are warranted and to prepare. “Yes sir!” The stocky sergeant replied.

“I’ll meet you at the Pig, Knight Victor” and with that Montrez Anthony made his way to the makeshift HQ of 1st platoon.
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