Best Console?

Best Console? - here!

  • GameCube

    Votes: 8 100.0%
  • PlayStation2

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Let the controllers fly! Vote for the best console, in your opinion, and tell why you think it's the best!

well xbox, personally i light i pump people full of lead, and xbox simply has A) best controller B) best graphichs C) its only running on 1/5 of its abilitiy all u have to do to upgrade is buy an upgrade chip....and halo-durrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
I'd say it's a fight between PS2 and Xbox. I voted Xbox simply because I have one, but I've played many very good games on Playstation that were a bunch of fun, so I'm kind of torn between the two.
The only reason Gamecube is even around in my opinion is because of the Mario franchise including Donkey Kong and Yoshi's...stuff. There's others, of course, but none of them have been big enough hits to make me want to buy the console.
Xbox...most modding capability, better graphics/sound, 1st party online play....the list goes on!

Byblos, don't go on about Morrowind again, ok?
No, I never asked. You are already ranting on Morrowind on another thread, so let's keep it there, okay?
I have all 3 systems, x-box is the one that takes the cake.  Lets see off the top of my head umm.
  P3 733mhz, 133mhz system bus
  Geforce 32mb card (cant remember exact name)
  Graphics pump i believe 75 million verticles per second
  internal 8gb western digital 5,400rpm hard drive
  4 controlers USB 2.0 with 10 foot cords and breakaways (those are really nice)
  P2 slot 1, 294mhz with 100mhz system bus
  32mb PC600 Rambus (300mhz)
  i think 4mb integrated graphics, not sure what company
  2 USB 1.1 contolers and 6 foot cords
  2 USB 1.1 ports for other things than contollers
  i believe 50 million verticles per second
  P3 450mhz probably 133mhz system bus
  40mbs total ram, 32 system, 8 video (ATI)
  4 USB 2.0 contoler ports
  Mini DVD rom
  i think 13 million verticles per second

Thats all i can think of right now.  Oh when the Phantom comes out, it will pwn all other systems till PS3 and X-box2 comes out
A new system that is suppost to come out soon.  Cost $400 or $700 with 3 years of internet access for phantom based internet (use your broadband connection).
  Athlon 2500+
  256mb DDR (not sure on speed, most likely PC2100 or better)
  Geforce FX 5200 64mb graphics
  5.1 sourroud sound built in audio
  40+ gb hard drive
  DVD rom
  The specs can be upgraded to about hightest as possible or you can upgrade it yourself.
The best thing, i dont know if this has changed at all yet since i last read an article in Game informer magazine but it is suppost to play any game that is a CD or DVD, PS2, x-box, dreamcast, gamecube, PC, i dont know about mac, but play any of i believe they advertised any of the 32,000 CD or DVD games out there.
Since its only 'newer' systems, I like older ones.

Sega DreamCast, cause 85% of their games are from the Arcades! Like Marvel vs Capcom 2 and Silent Scope, those rock!
The Phantom looks like a good player with a good concept, but I just can't see it getting far off the ground.

But, it's the gaming industry, so you never know!
lol, the manufactures have been talking about the phantom comming out for a long time.  I personally will not be buying the phantom simply because its not doing good in the industry and i would rather stick with PS3 and x-box2. x-box2 first
Dreamcast.....Oh yeah...owns em all!

Oh and the Phantom company has been sued for fraud and are almost bankrupt, I doubt the Phantom will see the light of day...The whole company was kinda shady.even from the beginning.then they found out the CEO made a bunch of get-rich-quick schemes which involved buying companies and making them suddenly go "bye-bye".