Best online game to get for ToJ


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I am currently bashing my way through Prince of Persia, whats the best game to get after for playing online with you guys?
Probably the biggest chapter would be TF2, but there still is L4D/UT3/CoD. Just mainly depends on what kinda gameplay you're looking for. Classic death match, fresh experience systems and leveling up, large team based matches, or smaller squad-based co-op.
Black gravity

Black gravity is right!

Killzone 2 most of us have and Resistance 2 is Great online COop and VS! GET them BOTH if you can!
Sorry, it was 2 AM. XD

Killzone 2 pretty solid, but I enjoy some Red Faction more. Just more... fun. :p
Looking at the PSN Game List is a good thread to consult to see who has what for online play.

It seems Burnout Paradise is also good choice to get together online.


I want to get red faction sometime.. but for now I have KZ2 and Warhawk, both of whihc are great and have decent clan setup (i think...?)
I'd say LBP but my dsl has issues with running it, i can barely do 2player online.
lol Home... i have a different version, i tried meeting with PrettyZoe but we couldnt cos i am in the UK.

Will probably get KZ2 after i platinum PoP.... not many more trophies to go.. just 1001 seeds and all the combos to sort out.
I just got resistance 2 and it is alot of fun... But I am a littleeee bit worried about it getting repetitive... But I really like it alot so far ^^