Big (Big) Things Have Been Happening in the Blizzard Universe


Tribe of Judah StarCraft Series Chapter Leader
So Blizzard has been updating their Blackstone website pretty frequently, as well as the Blackstone Twitter site. Still, no one knows what Blackstone is, but since it's set in the StarCraft universe some speculate it could be leading up to LotV.

Blizzard also completely revamped the way tournaments around the world work by combining them all into one massive tournament, scheduling them, and allowing them to lead up to the WCS. They worked closely with MLG, ESL, KeSPA, and GSL to make that happen.

Also, WCS will happen at Blizzcon, which means there will be a Blizzcon every year.

And in that vein, Blizzard bought out IGN's IPL assets and technology. I don't exactly what that means, but we (the fans/media) do know that the IPL still has all of it's employees, and my speculation is that Blizzard is possibly using them to do the WCS finals, and maybe to provide additional footage/commentary for tournaments around the world.