Black Ops review


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I have both the Steam version and the XBox360. The XBox360 versioin > PC version. PC version is like watching stop motion animation. I'm running a system that is much greater then the minimum requirements and its just horrible. It causes my CPUs to creep over the 50'C mark causing hardware exceptions left right and center. My framerates will be fine at 60 (every frame synced) then drop to 10 for lengthy periods of time for no reason. Or go from 80 (every frame not synced) to 1 or 2. I don't know why but even though I have sub 100ms ping rate, the MP feels very laggy. Even if I am solo'ing the combat training.

I know some people are not big console fans, maybe even more so hating XBox360 but I'm afraid, the 360 version outshines the PC version. Not to say the 360 version is not without problems. The 360 version issues are less noticed in game play.