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I've gotten a large collection of guns in Borderlands, as I am sure we all have, so why don't we show them off here (NO MODDED/HEXED GUNS please). I'm also going to be writing out some tips and opinions on everything so add your own if you like. My opinions are probably colored by playing as Mordecai. Spoilers are just to make the sections easier to read there are no actual spoilers in them.

Repeaters can be quite good but I personally prefer using their more manly cousin revolvers :p A gunslinger mod with pistol ammo regen a must with some (not all) repeaters geared to eat though ammo. This is my best one, it's easy on the ammo and works well at mid-range.

Here are a couple fun bullet eaters.

For those who don't know the Invader empties the entire clip when zoomed. The invader has the rarity glitch too it's not white. Both actually fire so fast recoil does not throw them off much.

(note above revolver pictures where taken with them equipped actual level of each is 48 not 38)

I like revolvers best and I am torn between those three defilers as my main. The first has the most attack power, the second has a higher fire rate and the third has a normal size clip and scope. The corrosive X4 does a bunch of damage so having such high attack power may not be worth it alone. I also think revolvers look awkward with a scope even though it's useful. Whatever one I use these cut through everything but corrosive enemies like butter. Agh I can't decide which to sell!

I also currently have 3 different ammo regen Equalizers although none are as good as the Defilers. Here are the better ones.

It's also worth mentioning that I've found Madjack...

...a respawning boss drop to still be useful end game. It has a faster fire rate than any other revolver at 3.7 and is quite effective if you spam it using a gunslinger mod for ammo regen. It's primarily good for spiderants with it's spiral bullets hitting their backsides without needing them to turn.

My favorite shotgun. The Crux below is probably more powerful but the fire rate on this one makes it more fun. It's angry ROWR!

Corrosive weapons are exceptionally good at killing Crimson Lance and this is no exception. Although playing as Mordecai my Defiler is better at it.

I keep this one around for the sole purpose of killing Skagzilla. Skagzilla is quite large and you fight him point blank. As such high dps to hit his mouth while open is best while accuracy is not needed at all. If I remember right Skagzilla is resistant to corrosive damage so the crux is not an option.
Continued in post below...
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Rocket Launchers:
It seems like the hit detection on rocket launchers occasionally allows shots to go through enemies. As a result rocket launchers are the second worst gun type in the game in my opinion. That's not to say you can't kill with them it's just you'll be doing it with splash damage. With that in mind elemental ones with large splashes seem to be the best.

I use those although I'll be hoping and shooting at the ground to kill. Each fires 3 rockets for the cost of one giving them what looks like a larger hit radius and making them economical too. They are definitely better than some orange rocket launchers I've gotten of the same level. With that in mind the award to most disappointing gun in the game goes to...

With an Unreal Redeemer reference and from the wiki description of it you would think this would be the final option, kill all, weapon but it's far from it. In fact the previous fire rocket launcher has a larger splash (at least in appearance) with a nice plume of destruction shooting into the sky while this one looks like a pathetic grassfire. You can kill with it but it only has attack power as a plus while it takes four rockets per one rocket shot, has a limited splash area and a slow projectile speed. Even it's attack power is less than the other launchers if you count all 3 rockets hitting. Perhaps only mine is bugged but I think they should change the subtitle from "monster kill" to "Where is the kaboom? There is supposed to be an Earth shattering kaboom".

Eridian Guns are easily the worst gun type in the game (so much so I forget to include them in discussions) with poor dps and rarely enough shots in the clip to take down an enemy before needing to recharge. They come in 4 types shotgun, cannon, blaster and sniper. If you do manage to stick out using one they do become easier to use due to less cooldown time as your proficiency increases. At level 10 proficiency mine have become noticeable better. Although I'd imagine it will be at least level 30 or more before I'd actually want to use one and even then just for fun. I've only been using the sniper version as I find the others problematic. Make sure you get one with a scope as it's definitely worse without one. I've gotten one with 20 more attack power than the one in the picture since I took it.
Sniper Rifles:

My best sniper rifle. It may not be the most accurate but it's power means you don't need a headshot to kill effectively.

To make very long range headshots I use this.

While not as effective as it used to be (due to level) the below...

...was my favorite for a long time so much so I just can't sell it. Amazingly it can still do the job if needed. What makes it fun is making long range shots to have everything pop because of the x3 explosive power.

I've also got a full auto sniper rifle.

It is useful close up or far away however equipping a regen sniper ammo mod with it is a must so I don't use it often.

I just got this one but if you don't hit an enemy with it you get multiple electric explosions. It's nice for spamming large areas with splash damage.

The Combustion Hellfire is the best overall gun I've gotten in the game. It snipes, it point blanks, it saves you when you are in last stand. In short it's good for everything but fire element enemies. The first one I got around level 25-30 used for 10-15 levels and only sold it because I got a higher level version of it. In addition I've seen the hellfire at the vendor no less than 4 times so it seems quite attainable, at least in my game. There is nothing wrong with this gun although I've seen one with a low fire rate and the X4 appears to benefit a bit more from the higher fire rate ones. There is some debate I've seen on the net as to which is better the Hellfire or an Anarchy...

...which I've also had multiples of, I have no doubt the Hellfire is better. Bear in mind I'm using this gun as Mordecai who, while his skills will help it, is not the primary user of smgs Lilith is. I'd imagine in her hands it would go from best gun in the game to no more fun because it's too easy o_O.
Machine Guns:
Machine guns come in two basic types the "small clip, with scope, lousy lurching semi-auto fire and high attack power" and "large clip, no scope, full-auto and poor accuracy" . Typically either can be marginal but neither is great as the former lends it to midrange sniping and the latter is only good for close range. However twice and only twice in the game did I get a drop that had both a large clip/full auto fire and scope. Of those only one had the stats to make it accurate and powerful. Behold the...

It's greatness is not really indicated on the stats you just have to pay attention for a large clip with scope and hope it has the right stats to match. Imagine putting half of 59 bullets in the head of an enemy at mid-range and you get the idea why this gun is awesome. It's single problem is it's not at max level therefore it's stats are not as high as they could be (it also reloads at medium speed but that is nit picking). At level cap I've still found it excellent at killing the Eridian guardians on the Eridian promontory while hardly breaking a running stride.
My set up as Mordecai:
All skills are full with 5 points. The "all guns" text refers to a skill being useful with any gun.

Sniper Tree
Caliber: Not a must have skill itself but the best choice to allow you access to trespass.
Killer: ALL GUNS
Trespass: ALL GUNS

Gunslinger Tree
Deadly: ALL GUNS (well I don't think rocket launchers crit but everything else).
Gun Crazy: Since it only applies to pistols I may swap it out for Lethal Strike latter if I feel like going on a melee binge.
Riotous Remedy: ALL GUNS
Hair Trigger: Pistols only
Relentless: ALL GUNS

While using Bloodwing can be effective it like the other classes' special skills eventually becomes monotonous to me. Seeing how Borderlands is all about the guns I rarely use Bloodwing at all preferring to give priority to my guns. More than the other classes Mordecai's skills give benefits towards multiple gun types. The rouge tree does have Ransack so if I wanted to go all out loot farming I'd respec for that but I haven't as yet. As far as mods I pretty much exclusively use a scavenger mod with the +2 to "team find rare item" stat (though no one seems to know if it actually works). Occasionally I will change out to a different mod for fun since I keep ones of each type. I also have guns that regen machine gun, revolver and smg ammo and have found it useful to swap holding them with my "good" guns between fights thus I always have ammo (I have a gunslinger and sniper mods with ammo regen too). My current shield is this...

...although I believe better ones exist that still have quick healing. For grenade mods I use an Incendiary Bouncing Bettie for the biggest splash explosion coverage in the game or an Incendiary Longbow for distance.
Additional tips:
If you want to raise a weapon type proficiency I've found that for some reason it seems go up quicker on the Eridian promontory. The Guardians are also easy to kill with anything but an Eridian weapon or rocket launcher.

Check the stats! While rarity and level can be a general indicator it's not absolute. Many lower level, lower color guns end up being better than their counterparts because of their stats.

High x4 elemental weapons will often out dps higher attack power weapons.

High accuracy is not just for head shots. X numbers by the attack power mean multiple bullets are fired with each shot. If you want all the bullets to hit you will want good accuracy for these guns.

Check the vendors often. In single player the vast majority of my guns were bought from vendors not dropped.

King Wee Wee drops a shield which has hidden stats that are useful for quite a while. It can have hp regen and or have +% to maximum HP.
To take screen shots like these:
Under your inventory menu right click on a gun. Under compare and drop click take screenshot. On XP screenshots are stored in a folder similar to this C:\Documents and Settings\MY_ACCOUNT_NAME\My Documents\My Games\Borderlands\WillowGame\ScreenShots
Still looking forward to a couple weapons:
A better masher revolver to replace the green one I have. Mashers may be Mordecai's best weapon or so they say. Also I'm wanting a chimera revolver.

Post your own guns for all to see! :)
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Anyone need these?

My Weapons

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I play Borderlands on the xbox so I've no idea how to post pictures of my guns. My psychotic pistol-wielding Hunter just completed Playthrough 2. He's got a crazy, 215 dmg Cold Torment repeater pistol. Gunslinger is soooooo much fun!!!

(a.k.a. Fidoc on xbox live)
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Heh, it would be nice if games were more into PC Cross-Platform.

Several developers have implemented means to play games online while using different platforms. Epic Games, Microsoft, and Valve Software all possess technology that allows Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 gamers to play with PC gamers, leaving the decision of which platform to use to consumers. The first game to allow this level of interactivity between PC and console games was Quake 3.


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Well, I just finished it.

Wow, died 4 times from the boss...and I killed it with the
Boom Stick.

Anyone need these Eridian weapons or a Orange Revolver?

Turns out, I don't need the
Boom Stick
is much more powerful and fires rockets.

My Current Weapons/Items

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Mine on PT2

Though, I'd like to have ur Machine-gun, Gerbil.

Mine has a low capacity.

Maybe Shotguns too, if u still have them.

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Sorry for the inconvenience but I don't have Borderlands loaded and I am low on HD space right now so I can't put it on. I have the save files if you or anyone else would like them but you'll need another person to help you by holding a weapon while you swap save files.

The save files are here.

The zip folder contains 3 different sets of saves each named for it's contents so you want the lowest level one or the alternate one Corps. I've also included my save file with my higher level guns for good measure. Only one file out of each of the folder's contents is my Hunter's file (which is save0001.sav in all 3 folders) but I've given the entire contents of the save folder as I don't know if it will work without the other files. Be certain to back up the entire contents of your save folder before you swap mine in so you can put it back!

Note if you don't know where your save files are on XP my save folder was under C:\Documents and Settings\YOUR ACCOUNT\My Documents\My Games\Borderlands\SaveData . Also there are better weapons in the game as I was never able to beat Crawmerax who gives the highest level ones :( .
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Finished Playthrough 2.

The boss wasn't as hard as it was on PT1.

My Items

Items for anyone that need it



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Knoxx Armory is so awesome, got all of those from there. :cool:


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Oooooh nice.

The best stuff is said to come from Crawmerax. I never killed him to see though.


Crawmerax is a giant Lava worm that you can only damage from with giant glowing purple crit points and his eye.