Bought rift about a week ago


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Hey everyone! I bought rift a week ago after being invited to a 7-day trial by a Christian friend of mine, and I found out about this guild after searching for Christian guilds on Rift!

My Christian friend plays on another server, but I can split my playtime between Sunrest and the other server in order to best suit the situation.

Anyway, I'm wanting to join the guild for the fellowship with other Christians and to be able to better glorify God while playing on this server since I'll be wearing the guild tag of a Christian guild, which will let people know that I'm a Christian.

My name on the TOJ member list is Phrankdatank, and my character's name on Sunrest is Phrankdamage, which is a level 4 mage.

I'm looking forward to joining the guild and glorifying God in rift!


Tribe of Judah Membership Administrator
Type "/who reborn", right-click a name, and whisper them to get an invite from an officer.


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I am on name is Cheribum and I can invite you.

Also, be sure to register with Tribe of Judah gaming community for membership to our guild.

To make things easier on you, just tell your friend to come and join our guild too (if he is a believer).

Thank you for your interest!!