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Ok this post is LONG past due, but I hope everyone gives me a small amount of understanding. (Please note this will be a LONG post.) Many of the old-timer's here know more of my personal situation and struggle and the large amount of grief I have gone through during these past years as a member and even some time before that.

Those of you who don't I will just say God has His plan in His timing for our good.

Some of the details due to my own personal feelings and such will not be shared publically because there are still sooo many evil people in this world who would try to work against those of us who know the WAY, TRUTH, and LIFE. Anyone who feels the need can contact me privately.

So a few months back I finally shared that God was answering one of my private prayers and one closest to my own heart......having the best job in the world..... to be a mama. This pregnancy was just going along nice and smoothly without much problem at all. Lots of things to do and many dr's visits etc but from all tests and checks no problems whatsoever.

The end of December I became overly tired and just not 100% but with my schedule and getting two jobs worked in and also Christmas, I just thought it was one more way to keep me stressed out.

On January 1st, I ended up in extreme pain not having much idea what the problem was even thought I could be having a heart attack or some such. The dr's at the ER couldn't find anything wrong but due to me being pregnant they also kept my OB informed. She didn't like a set of numbers and wanted to check them again the next day. ER dr's were like nothing wrong with you but a small gallstone and sent me home with a pain med. (I really do not appreciate this personally as I have seen WAY to much on just give a pain med and things will work out.)

My OB dr had some tests ran the next day and checked on the baby and said looked like the baby was happy and healthy etc and she sent me to her husband who deals with digestive problems to see if he could help me. He told me if I hadn't been pregnant he would have had my gallbladder removed to see if that would fix the problem.

So later that day my OB contacted me, and pretty much said go to the monopoly go to jail do not pass go do not collect $200. They will run some more tests but if they come out worse I will send you to a higher risk dr because there is a good chance your baby will be delivered soon.

Well lovely time at the hospital and waiting on test results and as soon as she got them my dr said ok move her to the other hospital. ( When all this was happening I was between 25 and 26 weeks pregnant.) The thought was that if I didn't have the baby soon I could possibly die or the baby could or both of us could.

Over the next 4 or 5 days, I was treated to fix the symptoms and told I had this or that or the other and also I was told everything from the baby will be born today to you should get to go home and have a normal rest of your pregnancy we just want to watch you and the baby for the next few days. At one point I felt like we were the miracle of the hospital.

Then the baby ended up having issues and not being able to maintain the heartrate etc. I was told we needed to have a test and more than likely the baby would need to be delivered soon or there was a very good chance of loss.

Trying to make the right decision on whether to wait and see or have the baby was quite hard on many areas of my life. Knowing the chances of survival even being delivered could always be low plus the chances of more complications with the baby etc weighed heavily.

They ended up doing the test and pretty much telling me ok now the baby needs to be delivered and me yet again asking are you sure???? So off to the OR for an emergency c-section we went. So very shortly afterward I became a mama. Since I chose not to find out what we were having, I was being told the baby was born feet first but no one told us what we had. So I finally asked so do we have a baby boy or girl????

So on Jan 6th at 3:04 pm EST we became the proud parents of a sweet baby girl.......She weighed just 1 pound 5.3 ounces and a mere 12.5 inches long. She was born with a head full of hair. She's had several problems but she is doing quite well for what's been expected. Including great improvements on her breathing quicker than most her size. She has also been on my breastmilk for most of the time since she's been here even though it's been though a feeding tube.

We would appreciate any and all prayers and especially singing God's praises on His will and His ways. ( Sorry but I do not feel comfortable sharing her name publically.)

Praise God for your little miracle and congratulations!!! :) . I will pray for the health and development of your baby girl and your recovery as well.
Praying that she becomes your miracle child. Baby Litsa, you can do it, so can you mommy Litsafalda!!!
Amazing that her breathing is better than others her size....also proves my theory that she has a mommy who is a fighter so she'll be a fighter too!!! :) Keep the updates coming my friend and I'm definately praying...
Praying. Very much praying. :)

EDIT: And a very heartfelt "Congratulatons" from both me and Ember. :D
I thank God for your blessings as I set here with tears in my eyes. I really know what a miracle this child is and I just want to say , PRAISE BE TO GOD THE FATHER. My the blessings of God continue pouring down upon you and your family...
Sorry but I'm a bit cautious on pictures. Maybe in some of the private forums or on our website with limitted access. Mama's got to protect their children especially in this crazy world.

Additional notes on us: I was finally allowed to actually hold her last night....I was in shock when asked if I wanted to. Also we were both on the Children's Miracle Network Telethon......that helps those less fortunate pay for costs......Children's Hospital does not turn people away just cause they cannot cover the expenses or have good insurance etc. She has gone what I would call a step backward but we're told this is normal......she was working soooo hard it may her too tired etc but now she's having a bit easier time. I would and could appreciate your prayers for myself personally as well. I am having some health issues that I have to fight to get some sort of help with, plus some issues with work insurance, and also just some real personal areas as well. Blessings,"Angel"
wow lits, i was just reading back and noticed where u live, if childrens hospital is where i think it is then ur only an hour and a half or so from where i live.

are you at the vanderbelt childrend hospital?

if so ur in good hands^^ i go up there with my brother to the national adoption area. everytime ive been up there the guy at reception is always rlly friendly, as the hospital is definitley kid friendly.

ill pray for you,ur daughter, and your health^^
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Another update: Last Sunday I got to give her a bath with a little help from the nurse. Also she finally crossed the 2 pound she's gained more than a half of a pound in 5 weeks. Good job for someone soo small. She goes back and forth on her breathing issues but is making some progress. When she can finally do well enough for a longer period of time then we will get to try bottle feedings for some of her meals and then on to nursing if all goes well.

My circumstances: I finally got a doctor to hear me and he agrees that I need to get my gallbladder removed. He says I should feel a lot better. I sure hope so. This is taking place on Wednesday....Prayers always welcome. I am still dealing with a few more personal issues but I know things will improve as they always have. My church is working on so many growth ideas and things for this year it's amazing.

Wow I cannot believe where the time goes. Let's see what to say first.
I went back to both of my jobs this past Monday as there is no reason to waste more off time until my young en gets to come home. Surgery for me went well and dr said yes I had been having this issue for awhile.....scar tissue and all so hopefully things will heal better and I will feel better.

Now on to my "sweet pea." Last Sunday she did two things...... one hit the 3pound mark and two got to take her first bottle. ( As of Friday eve she was 3 pounds 6 ounces) Already this week she is up to 3 bottles a day and the rest still through feeding tubes. She takes an ounce at each feeding. She has such a personality for someone sooo small. She almost laughs and is sooo spoiled by the nurses.

Now on to my "sweet pea." Last Sunday she did two things...... one hit the 3pound mark and two got to take her first bottle. ( As of Friday eve she was 3 pounds 6 ounces)
That's wonderful news! :)
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