CfD - What Crafting Skill are you taking?


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I am going to make an official thread here and keep it updated. Post here what Crafting Skill your main will be taking and I will delete your post and update the OP.


  • Narius
  • Lothian/Cryogenic
  • Dosmas/Mordos

  • Willcraft
  • Nazereth
  • Grimdurbuluk/Grimbeorn
  • Dai/TheRedView
  • Euroton/Manabyte


  • Sarugon
  • Deamiter
  • Soulshade/Souladin
  • Gilga


  • Ogyrvran/janc
  • Soulstar/Loneshadow
  • Mustachio


  • Mirakle/ewoksrule
  • Keero
  • MadMetal
  • Aleron


  • Mordos
  • Kracer/Epikfail
  • Genghis/Gator
  • Silverchiss
  • Marinus


Hot Links:
Crew Skills Compendium

  • Main recipes: Helm, Chest, Wrist, Glove, Belt, Leg and Feet slot armor (medium and heavy) for non-force users.
  • Skill-exclusive items include epic armor like the Armormech items here and here.
  • Materials: base metals from Scavenging, exotic metals & compounds from Underworld Trading.

  • Non-force weapons, both ranged and melee; also barrel-slot mods for weapons.
  • Materials: base metals from Scavenging, other mats from Investigation.

Artifice [schematics]

Biochem [schematics]
  • Crafts adrenals, stims, medkits/med stations and implants.
  • Skill-exclusive items include BoP Adrenals, Stims and Medpacs of superior quality.
  • Materials: various biological compounds from Biochem, high-end mats from Diplomacy.

Cybertech [schematics]

Synthweaving [schematics]
  • Creates light, medium and heavy armor for Force users.
  • Main recipes: Helm, Chest, Wrist, Glove, Belt, Leg and Feet slot armor for Force users.
  • Skill-exclusive items include epic armor like the Synthweaving items here and here.
  • Materials: base mats from Archaeology and high-end mats from Underworld Trading.

Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering is the SWTOR equivalent of WoW disenchanting; it provides very few materials, but it is the way prototype and artifact schematics are discovered. By reverse-engineering premium-quality items (this destroys them), you have a chance of discovering the prototype schematic; RE-ing the prototype items gives a chance of discovering the artifact recipe.

Your chance to get the next level of schematic appears to depend on your (crafting) level vs. the schematic level. At least for armor and weapons, there are three possible blue schematics (critical, redoubt and overkill).

Suggested here: There are 5 chance rates of researching new schematics: Very Low (4%), Low (8%), Medium (10%), High (16%) and Very High (20%)

Hot Links on Crafting:

Path to 400 spreadsheet.
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reply with your main's in game name and the crafting skill only, gathering/missions are not needed for now.


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I picked up Cybertech. Will probably stick with scavenging and go pick up underworld trading. Unless a miracle happens to slicing.


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My armormech is 400 if anyone wants stuff made just let me know. BYOM tho. Bring your own mats. I might be able to help with some mats if I have them but I used a lot trying to RE to get better patterns.