Tribe of Judah Staff Manager
CGA Convention to be held in Knoxville, TN on May 27th-29th (Fri.-Sun.)

OK we go with a much debated agenda for the CGA convention. I appreciate all the help that has been thrown my way as well as any future help or suggestions...please feel free to message me!

Please remember that all times are EST.

Friday - May 27th
1. Arrivals on Friday in Knoxville at church around 3PM-5PM. (Directions to church and details of church here.)
2. At 5:30 PM we begin dinner at church for social gathering. ($5.50 per person--more details on food available later)
3. At 7PM Tek to give welcome and quick message (1 Hour max)
4. Short break (10 mins)
5. Prayer time and praise & worship? (30 Mins.) --Prayer w\Litsa --P&W w\?
6. Announcements\ Agenda review\intro to leaders (10 minutes)--Elihu
7. End of Friday get together. Staff to stay for another 10 mins for planning.

Saturday - May 28th
1. Meet at church at 9AM. (please bring your Bible, water bottle, hiking clothes, and a backpack if needed.) Donuts provided from Krispy Kreme.
2. Travel to Appalachian Mountains for Walk with God (approx. 1.5 hours)
3. Walk with God (includes hiking, lunch, and message--2.5 hours) --Thad
4. Travel back to church (approx. 1.5 hours) then return to host homes for freshening up\rest\getting ready for game night.
5. Meet up at church at 5PM. for game night.
6. Travel to Celebration Station for game\pizza night. (cost per person approx. $15.00 --includes pizza, game tokens, and unlimited play on outdoor items.) 5:15PM-8:00PM
7. Head back to church at 8PM for service. (allow for break here before starting)
8. Service to begin at 8:30PM (P&W, prayer, message--1.5 hours) --service to be taught by ?? \everone dismissed afterwards\
9. Staff to stay for 10 mins extra for planning.

1. Breakfast is self provided for this day (provided your host family does not feed you)
2. Everyone to meet at church at 9AM for Sunday School. (possible Bible scavenger hunt) --from 9AM-10:15AM w\Litsafalda
3. Service at 10:30AM (break time from 10:15-10:30) last until 12:15PM.
4. Lunch to be catered from Buddy's Bar-B-Q (approx. price per person is $8.00)
5. Rest of Sunday schedule TBD.


Those in staff positions coming please send a message to me so I can plan out what things I can use you for to help us with while there. As of now staff for convention sits as follows: Tek, Rizz, Thad, Litsafalda, & myself (Elihu).
Cost breakdown, what-to-bring, cost breakdown, and parental permission slips will be posted soon. For any more info please feel freee to contact me!
Man, I'd love to come but it's during the school year and even though my dad would let me go... there's no way my step-mom would. :(
I went for some of last year. It was great. Unfortunately, this year I'll be gradumalating during that time.
I agree with Atown here..that would be awesome..we need to hold it in Oregon... Washington is too cold and cali is too hot.. Oregon for teh win
Sorry I wont be able to make it this year, maybe I will next year. Unfortunately, I will be wrapping school up around that time, and possibly at Connie Maxwell Children's home doing some volunteer work.

Wish I could be there however.
WHAT THE HECK! CALI IS TOO HOT!>!>!!>!?!?!?!? YOU ARE OUT OF YOUR MIND! =OOOOO IT"S NICE HERE! XP and u lucky bums r gettin out of school in MAY! OH MY GOSH!!! X\ I get out in June... XP Again, i second Atown's suggestion, except, GO BAY AREA! *corpfox whisperes: pssst... noone lives in the bay area*. me = XP
I so wanna come. XP I want to see all u guys. But whatever. I can't. School year and neither of my parents will pay for 2 tickets (no duh, don't fly me to TN and leave me there... LOL) and stay with me. <-- that would b funny.
Elihu just told me, and I am excited. (Now I have to ask my wife if I can come.)(hehe)
Goodness you all I wanted you to come and see me. Hmmm I must be really trusting in God for that. We still have a few details to work out but if all goes well there will be very little expense besides travel to and the food costs. BTW this is a great area we call it the biggest small town in America. So if you got lost here someone would find you eventually Smiles. Blessings,"Angel"
Perhaps smaller gatherings for those in other parts can be arranged at some point. Going to TN would be out of the question for my family. I am lucky if I can get a weekend off to go to a local women's retreat once a year ;)

I would be happy to help get a upper midwest gathering together at some point :)

Those who can go to TN have a blessed time!
Knoxville hmmmm...Would be a nice motorcycle trip...Have to think about it. Wonder what Tek would do :eek: if this old grump showed up??? :) ...

Minnesota would be a nice place for a convention...of course hitting our 1 week of summer can be iffy...
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