Changes in LoE


Officer SOE/LoE/Where's "here"?
As we all know there have been a lot of changes in LoE in the last two years. As an officer I have been trying to ride out the changes, some good, some bad. We have lost good officers, we have lost some good people, while gaining few if any. Our presence on the forums has faded as the new leader has tried to get us on Facebook, which some of us can't or won't do. Now with Tek requesting 30 days of prayer for CGA and ToJ in October there may be a final death knell for GW and GW2 on CGA forums. Now is the chance for any that are left in forum to make their voices heard. Do we continue to support LoE and SoE/SOE on CGA? Or is it time to fold our tents and let GW2 and GW to be archived?
You know where I've been hanging my hat lately. I wish these forums were more active, but LoE in general has become relatively inactive. I doubt the current players will ever see your post, Ursen. My thought is if a forum is not going to be used, it should be closed. It can always be reactivated later if CGA & ToJ are still around, which I hope will be the case.
Captain_Tea been a while. Is that a vote for or against LoE forums? And welcome back