Christian Gamers Alliance 2021 fundraising


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Good Saturday morning, all!

I just finished paying the CGA's yearly expenses from our PayPal account: $105 USD for our hosting, $55 for our XenForo license renewal, and $20 for our XenForo style license renewal for a total of $180 USD in annual expenses.

We currently have $132.93 USD in our PayPal account, which means that we'll need at least $47.07 USD in donations before next year.

We do have one monthly donor that gives $5 USD per month ($4.55 USD per month after PayPal fees, which totals $54.60 USD per year after fees), so we should be safe for next April if our costs don't increase; however, I'm posting a call for donations now (1) to report where we stand on finances and (2) ask community members to consider donating so we can be prepared if expenses do increase or, even if they don't, give us more margin than $7.53 USD.

If you're able and willing to make a one-time or recurring donation after you pay your bills and tithe to your local church, then please read the Support the Christian Gamers Alliance thread.

Krissa Lox

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You might consider looking into Humble Bundle's partner program, to give an extra option for people who might not feel they can commit to an extra financial donation but wouldn't mind taking an extra step to click through a CGA link to give you a commission when picking up a value bundle there.