Church alternate activities


Officer SOE/LoE/Where's "here"?
Ok sometimes we can't get to our chosen church for Sunday worship or the day you get to go. Like Wednsday or Saturday Bible study. Such as some of the Salvation Army churches have thier Salvation Meeting on Saturdays. But let's say you have work, illness, or weather issues keeping you at home, what do you use to replace that precious Worship time? An extra hour of study, watch a tv ministry, what replaces it? I have no tv, so I go on line and pick up the previous weeks message from Pea Ridge Baptist Church, or go to In Touch Ministries on line and pick up Dr. Charles Stanleys message. It is not the same as being there in person, but it is a way to feed yourself. And to have a regular plan for those times keeps us from just blowing off feeding on the Word of God and taking a day off.:)


An elderly lady I know will watch a streaming video of her church's service from their website. One of the church's deacons will stop by periodically to give her communion.

I was sick today and missed church. I plan on listening to the message later on my church's website. I wish they had video as well.


i rarely miss church; especialy when there is pot luck.
i usualy watch vidieos on google or youtube.
heres an idea; atend church on a sat if your busy on sun.

heres my favorite thing to do. its my little secret...

bible gateway
there is a part in there where u can listen to the bible online.
i recomend the kjv being read. the guys voice is epic.


On the weeks that I have to miss church because of work, I generally spend an extra chunk of the day trying to read something from the Bible, or working ahead on the next week's lesson for my youth group. Although my church does put up sermons in mp3 format from my campus, the main campus also has a video up, so I try to catch one of them later in the week.