Competition Team try-outs


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Hey guys

Yes, we are forming another ToJ team to play in various scrims and leagues. We will be holding try-outs on Saturday, January 8th 2005 @ 8pm EST (7 CST). The try-outs will be held in the private server, and the password/IP will be given out in advance.

A few things:

- This is NOT a "1337 pNwage" team. This team is to help spead the Gospel, and set an example to the gaming community of what Christ has done in our lives.

- In order to tryout, you should be a member of the Tribe of Judah for at least two weeks. This is so that you are part of the community, and not just want to be on a "team".

- If you don't think your good enough, but still have interest, come tryout anyway. You may suprise yourself.

- Seriously, have fun. If your not having fun through both the good times and bad you won't last very long on this team. Although this is a serious team and our goal is to win and improve ourselves, having some fun never hurts anything

Post here if you have any questions. Any irrelevant posts or comments will be deleted IMMEADLY.
what games? also, i haven't been a member of tribe of judah specifically, but have been on these forums and checked out you website for awhile. am i eligible? i don't have cs source.
This team is for CS 1.6 not for Source because right now the majority of players are playing 1.6. Once 1.6 fully converts into source, then we will make the switch to CS:S when the rest of the counter-strike community does.
hmmm, what if ur already in a scrim team?
I'd like to tryout. But I'm banned for 2 weeks would I be banned from the sever that's holding the tryouts?
i work 4-close on the night of the try-outs, but id really like to take part is there a way that i can still participate?
Do admins that got pwned seriously by other admins count as try out material?
Will I be banned form the tryout server as well? If so can't you guys unbann me long enough so I can tryout?
Unfortunately, if you’re banned from the server on the night of try-outs I can't allow you to try-out. If you are banned from the server, then you are also banned from participating in events that require use of the server as well.
Well it seems like few have posted in this so i guess i will tryout for the A-team since now i dont play any sports or anything:) that is a big load off my back....

Oh yeah PastorWirl i hope to see you at the tryouts!