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Greetings, all. With the recent delays involving the Christian Gamers Alliance convention, I thought I'd take a minute out and explain the details of the situation.

When we first announced the convention, more than twice a as many people said they would attend as registered. We have had to develop contingency plans but have hesitated to cancel the convention entirely.

Due to low registration numbers, we will no longer be using the Holiday Inn Select as our hotel. All those who attend the convention and do not live in Tulsa or its outlying areas will need to reserve their own accomodations. We personally recommend the Baymont Inn because of its proximity to Celebration Station, where our meetings, if the convention is not cancelled, will be held.

I say "if" because Celebration Station requires that we bring in at least twenty (20) attendees and only sixteen have registered. Of those sixteen, two have e-mailed to say that they will be unable to attend--one being Vanaze, our original choice for worship leader. This brings us down to fourteen, which means that there are two days for six more people to register and all twenty to pay using Paypal.

Cost to attend the convention will be $104 (the four extra dollars go toward covering Paypal fees), payable via Paypal to and due Tuesday, May 25. This does NOT include renting a hotel room. All those who will need a hotel room will need to arrange their own reservations.

If twenty people have not registered and paid to attend the convention by the morning of Wednesday, May 26, we will be forced to cancel the convention altogether.

If you pay the $104 to attend the convention and it is cancelled, I will refund your money. Please note that Paypal regulates refunds; consult the Paypal Help section for details regarding refund policies.

Also, those who planned to travel to Tulsa for the weekend may still do so and help plan a "fallback" event. If we do cancel the convention, I, personally, will likely not attend the "fallback" event for its full duration.

I understand this news is frustrating to those who plan to attend. I admit that the process itself has been, overall, very frustrating. I have had little support from the community, even after posting repeated "help wanted" threads and advertising the convention at several churches, businesses, and web sites. Whether or not we host a convention this year, I will likely not be involved in planning future conventions. I have had to juggle planning this convention, searching for a job, travelling to Springfield to see my girlfriend and soon-to-be fiancee, maintaining some semblance of a social life, managing the day-to-day tasks for both the Christian Gamers Alliance and Tribe of Judah, and considering the course of my life for the next few years. If there is to be a 2005 Christian Gamers Alliance Convention, it will be planned entirely by other community members.

Please know that I still hope we can hold a convention this year, if only a small one and if only to help Rizz, who is flying from England to Tulsa, Oklahoma, meet other CGA community members. I am not saying whether or not we will cancel; I am only posting the conditions for continuing with our current plan.

Please also know that I write these words after weeks of frustration. I still love the Christian Gamers Alliance and its member-groups and affiliates. I still believe in its vision and I still believe that it was right to plan this convention when we started.

I ask everyone to pray that God's will be done and that, if it is His will, those He wishes to help this convention become reality heed His voice.


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bummer... well as i said on the phone even if the convention is a total belly up i was prepared for that. Im coming over there to party on down with Tek and
Well at least i will be getting some refund on the paypal i sent out


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it will not be cancelled. we may only have 3 people show, it will not cancell though. Satan will not win this round. Tek i know it has been fustrating. God will make this work.

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[b said:
Quote[/b] (LionOfJudah @ May 24 2004,8:08)]we may only have 3 people show, it will not cancell though.
If only three people are willing to attend, then we will not be able to use the meeting room at Celebration Station. Without a meeting room, there are no sermons or worship services. Without sermons and worship services, we might as well clip Friday and Sunday from the agenda and meet for the LAN party and game night on Saturday. It's an option. Just not the best one.

If we do have less than twenty people, it will be up to the people who still want to travel to Tulsa to make other plans. I definitely want to spend some time with whoever is willing to make the trip, but it would not be the three full days I would spend if the convention goes forward as planned.


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We have hotel rooms? we have parks and nature? nothing says we can not go out side and praise God? is there now a law that makes public worship in a park illegal? last time i checked i think not. We will do it Tek, we will, there will be the preaching and teaching and the singing. could be tough but i have an idea.


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Here is jiggied.

We need to have atleast 15 people to have the meals
we have the room no matter what so no cancellation.

Meals broken down for you is
Friday 6-12pm we are doing the all american BBQ (hamburgers I did not write this one down so it may be wrong) 9.95 per person with 15+
Saturday 6pm-12:30 BBQ Bristette and Grilled Chicken 12.95 per person 15+
Sunday 10am-12noon. Pizza 6.99 Per person.

Guys we need to have atleast 15

If you are thinking about going and are un sure about it? GO! you do not want to miss this awesome weekend of ministry and fellowship. This weekend will be changing lives. Invite anyone and everyone you can, if you have a problem with parents I will personally call them and talk to them. just have to let me know.

Why would it matter if LoJ does that?

LoJ is really
Charles Weber
Ozark Christian college Bible student and an asst manager for an international marketing company.

God bless, and I will see you all there.

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Since an insufficient number of people registered to attend this year's convention, we are forced to cancel the original plans; however, we will form a backup plan today (Wednesday) for events beginning Friday. If you still would like to visit Tulsa this weekend, please contact Elihu and me at elihu AT cgalliance DOT org and tek7 AT cgalliance DOT org.

We are hoping to still celebrate this Memorial Day weekend with a LAN party, game night at Celebration Station, food, fellowship, and fun.

Also, if you cancelled your registration previously due to lack of funds and would still like to attend, please send an e-mail to both of the above addresses. There is a strong possibility that we can put everyone who travels to Tulsa from out of town for a few days.
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