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Please pray that the spread of the coronavirus would slow and cease sooner rather than later worldwide.

Please pray that Christian missionaries in the US and worldwide would be guarded against the virus and represent Christ well wherever they may be.

Please pray that God would demonstrate His mercy and compassion through the universal Christian church in general and local churches specifically.

Toward that end, please pray for wisdom for pastors and church staff, many of who are dispersed and self-quarantining to help curb the spread of the virus.

I confess my mind is scattered, so if you would like to add prayers related to the virus and its impact, please post a reply.


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covid-19 is nowhere near as bad as the media screamers and gov't are talking about...the truth has been out there for months.......

That's just the most recent podcast. I have been posting about this for weeks as well highly referencing karl's work..but also referencing other places. It takes some self-research to bring yourself down from the OMG WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE! screamfest, scaremongering your mind..the truth has been known for MONTHS: