David Crowder Band: Remedy

Cloud G

New Member
Just got this CD, and I'm diggin' it. Classic David Crowder. Has some throwback to the Sushi album with a good bit of electronic sounds. Not as good as the Illuminate albums, but it gets close. Easily better then Colision

Definitely look at it if you're into music.
I love David Crowder. Smme of his songs are my favorite as of now. I dont think i have heard anything off of Remedy... TO ITUNES!
I love the DCB:) Remedy is now my favorite cd of theirs, bumping Illuminate out of the top spot for me. My son and I saw them on their Remedy tour in Dallas a few weeks ago and it was great. I love David Crowder's voice, his music, and the songs he writes that have my son and I rockin' out to Jesus in such awesome worship of Him.