What Should Icthus Get?

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In my new job as Lead Pastor, I am getting a new laptop device.

The staff is currently running Apples. Especially on the Sunday morning end.

So, what should I get?
I don't personally use MACs that much, I can, just don't. But I will tell you that all the peeps at our church are getting the ipads. They are really great for using during your sermon, cause you can lay them on your podium/pulpit and use it instead of paper notes.

In addition, they are great to carry around during an event to make sure everything is where it should be or check on who is in charge of what. Instead of carrying around a bunch of lists.

They also take them to seminars and such and use them to take notes in, have to get used to typing with no real keyboard tho.

They kind of treat them like a binder full of notes and vital information. Makes me kind of want one. :D

Most of them also use a Mac Book Pro. I'm not sure how many ONLY have the pad. Guess that would depend on what you need it for. :D

Good luck and enjoy!
In most settings, anything a Mac can do, a PC can do as well. I really don't see the sense in taking money and lighting it on fir... I mean spending it on a Mac. In your case as head pastor, I don't see you synthesizing music or creating detailed graphics.

I like my Dell 15R. It has a pretty nice graphics card so it can run games, a nice amount of ram (4gb) and was $696.05.

If it is the churches money, then buy what you want, if it's your money, buy a Dell (or something else at a reasonable cost).

Another thing - you can't use an iPad like you can a laptop, they are handy, but not that handy. Soooooo... if you need something ultra portable and versatile for things similar to what Zippy mentioned, then you might want an iPad (from my homework and from what I keep hearing, iPads are the best tablets out there).

Additionally, you can probably get an iPad2 and a PC laptop for the same cost as a decked-out Macbook Pro.
Macs aren't leader grade. Get a PC and set the standard. :)

That being said, keeping the peace is important. I'd hit the refurbished Macbook Pro (usually get the same warranty as a new one). They are slick.
ipad2 with splashdesktop remote app to a gaming rig at home so you can play wow on the ipad quite well.
Congrats on the new position, Icthus.

For all-round use a laptop is going to do way more than a tablet. If you already have a desktop - then a tablet might be worth considering.

I recently received a Motorola Xoom from a group at the church. They researched tablets and even though the Xoom cost a little more, they liked it more than the ipad2. I just got back from a ten day trip - first time without taking my laptop. I was surprised how well the tablet met my needs. Email - internet - Kindle and Nook - keeping up with my forums - my music. I couldn't play my games (wouldn't want to on the smaller format) but it was great only toting a tablet.

While I have used the Xoom at a Bible study or two, I cannot imagine using it for preaching. I don't use a pulpit, so no convenient place to set it. I also don't see myself scrolling through an electronic device in front of everyone.

I'm rapidly becoming a tablet advocate - but then, I do have a laptop at home and a desktop at the office. I wouldn't want to do any serious writing or spreadsheet work on it but with apps I could.

If you have any specific questions you can post here or IM me.
I thought this was Christian Designers and Hipsters Forums! Whoops!
I'm going to have to concur with Abba San here. If you HAVE a desktop/machine at the house/office already, go with a tablet. And, again, I'd choose the Xoom (or maybe the Transformer).

In fact, I'm currently looking at those two devices as possible tablet purchases for me an the Mrs. In fact, the wifey and I have been discussing the possibilities of forgoing replacing her laptop when it inevitably dies here soon, and taking her to only a tablet, with the ability to use my desktop for those very few tasks that she performs that are not tablet capable.

That digression aside, there's another note to take consider while we're talking about devices for preaching (or any form of speechifying), I have found a Kindle (sans cover) to be a good sized device to hold the necessary notes for a speaking role. Of course, when I'm in that particular role, I will have my speech more or less memorized, and will just take bulletted notes to keep myself on path and as memory hooks. The Kindle performs that role nicely without being something that gets in the way of your speaking. Additionally, you won't have to change device usage patterns if you're having to speak outside. It's also nice not to have to shuffle note-cards or pieces of papers as the talking points progress.
Matt is not an android kind of guy. He needs handholding on basic tech items. iPad2 is the only way to go for him. (trust me, I was paid to be his personal IT guy at one time)
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Matt is not an android kind of guy. He needs handholding on basic tech items. iPad2 is the only way to go for him. (trust me, I was paid to be his personal IT guy at one time)

iPad are very easy that's for sure. If you are an Android nut, I'd hold off on a tablet until the 17th for a Samsung's Galaxy 10.1 tablet. super thin, super fast, and running 4G. If you have the gift of patience, this fall has some promising tablets coming out from Amazon. Quad-core Android tablets running NVidia Kal-El. The battery life and graphic capabilities are crazy :
*nerdrage knows no bounds* RAAAGGGEE

MAC? MACCCC??!!! MAcs are fo.... oh wait you're NOT using it for gaming? that's fine then *takes a chill pill*
If it's me I'd go for the 17", bigger the better. Unless you need to carry it around a lot, if you're reading off it while giving a presentation guess a bigger screen means you won't be glued to it and can still move around... I like thise 'interactive' pastors XD

Also grats/
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My sister had a Mac for about six months, then traded it in for an HP. I still maintain that she should have held on for a bit longer and got a Xoom. Those things are so sweet...
As of right now, I am going to get the MacBook Air, with an iPad2.

Then build my own gaming PC.

This poll made my day! There wasn't even a PC as an option! Even if you are going with the housewife MacBook, I'm still super proud!