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Didn't know a PC version was coming. I'm playing on PS3. Working on improving my Light with a Warlock. I seriously love this game. Can't wait to get moved over to PS4 someday. :D


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Sorry , playing it on PS4 version atm. Bought the season pass and made a group/clan based on the icegiants of Norse lore. I"m still actively playing each day and leveling alt classes, but would like to raid with people I know so I can gear up past lvl 28.


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I'll wait for a GOTY PC release with all DLC then wait for a sale then maybe buy it, depending on how many ToJ folks are playing by then.

I've heard Destiny is fun, but it was overhyped and can get a tad boring after a while. Still, I'm sure the production values are fantastic and I'd like to try it eventually.


2nd week playing, feels kind of like an FPS WoW with less content. Not sure about endgame since I don't have anyone to go with into a raid. It does seem like more contents are coming though.