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I love Dr. Hovind. Tho I don't think he takes a very Christ-like approach spreading his ideas. Sometimes he's arrogant and even tho he may have the truth, Jesus didn't come to say "I'm right, your wrong" which is what I feel like he's doing sometimes. Also, he's in jail for tax evasion. However, Paul was in jail for a while, and I don't believe being in jail ruins the words you say. Jail messes more with your ethos and not with logos.

However, I greatly enjoy seeing him speak. He has the same biting humor that I use and he just uses funny examples, even if they are cheesy most of the time. I use most of my evolution vs. creation arguments based off what he says, but the arguments I use I have made sure were corroborated by other sources. But I can't stress enough to take what he says with a grain of salt, and rather use Kent Hovind as a supplement instead of the crutch any kind of debate.


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Dinesh D'souza has a great book out that talks a little about creationism in "What's So Great About Christianity?" Creationism is just a small portion of the book though, as he discusses Christianity's impact on society, religion, states and governments, and various others. Great book 5/5


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I like Hovind's stuff. I don't believe 100% of it, but I agree with most of it. It's what helped me switch from believing in Evolution though.


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Honestly, even as a kid I thought it was a little bogus how scientists could claim the earth was billions of years old. Granted, just like any other kid, I loved the forming of the earth and dinosaurs and thought they were magnificent, but even before I knew about creationism I thought it was a little absurd, perhaps arbitrary, that you could stick a date like that to something, especially considering there is no substance in between. It always struck me as odd. And then, I remember the dates would change a few million or billion years depending on the book I read, and that bothered me a little.

I do believe in a young earth, but I'm not adamant about attaching an age to it. Like, I really couldn't care if it's 8,000 years old or closer to a million. It just doesn't make a difference to me. My main beef is someone coming across claiming "this" or "that" as fact.
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At the risk of digging up old material, I would recommend a trip to the Creation Museum in KY. It is across the river from Cincinnati, OH, and easy to find. A little pricey, but a whole day can be spent there without boredom setting in. Beware it has a tendency to be a little crowded for those like myself who have panic attacks in crowded spaces. They are into young earth, but present their material well. For a weekend you can plan on there and The National Underground Freedom Railroad Museum in Cincinnati and do well indeed.