Dino D-Day free weekend


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I'm a sucker for dinos. Unfortunately this does have lots of fundamental flaws. It's no longer so bad as that linked review because they have fixed bugs and some of the game play in the months since, but it still has its real issues. I was never able to play as the Axis because their dinos are so much better so everyone tries to be on that team. Allies always had fewer players and always lost.


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Well, I had fun with the game.

The Axis seemed to have the advantage but its fine.

It made me satisfied when I killed a couple Desmatosuchus with the Shotgun and Thompson alone.

If your a fan of Dinosaurs and WW2, buy it, otherwise, no.

I'd only buy the game if they fixed the horrible lag that happens often.


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Dino D-Day has a 53 on Metacritic with a user score of 3.0 based on 22 ratings.

Gonna pass on this one.

I'm not one to rely heavily on critic reviews or user opinions, but when the scores are that low, it's almost always for a good reason (or reasons).