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To all that were online Monday evening. I was on my 37 hunter in the badlands. I wrote in guild chat how I got into pvp stuff with a 40 hunter who in turn grabbed his 60 mage. He then got a 60 warlock over there to camp my hunter with him because I killed the mage a few times with my rogue. I asked 4 different times in guild chat in a 45 min span if someone could come over and help me get rid of these guys. Nobody said a word until I was fed up from getting camped and decided to log. Goblit was semi afk and saw I was having problems and sent me a tell right when i was logging. Thanks Goblit for at least responding.

EVERYONE!! There was 27 people online at the time and nobody responded. That's ridiculous!! We are supposed to be a guild. That means a group of friends and people that want to play together and HELP each other. This is a PVP server. That means PLAYER VS PLAYER. Situations arise when playing that people want to grieve you. That is what a guild is supposed to be all about. To come help you when needed. Not ignore you. I understand people are busy and doing other things or might be halfway across the world. At least respond and let me know. But there was a lot of people online sitting in Ironforge. I said I was in Badlands which is really close to the Loch Modan gryphon stop. It would have taken a whole 3min to get there to help.

Guildies. At times, people in the guild need help. We need to help each other otherwise we won't get very far. Whether it be PvP stuff or quest stuff or anything else. I know some people are worried about PvP and how to play their class. It really doesn't matter if your good or bad as long as you try. I'll go PvP with anyone if they want to go and practice. I can try to help give some pointers but there are a lot of good people in the guild that can help give advice better than me. The thing is, those guys will camp me again or anyone in Redeemed just because they know nobody will come help. If all of a sudden, a group of 5 Redeemed members showed up to kick them out of there, they would have left right away. They also would have known in the future that if they camp one of our members, it won't be long that they will be overwhelmed by other guildies. That is what PVP is all about!!!!!

Forgive me if I sound harsh or like a mean parent, but I think it's important that I go over some of this. By the way, this is gonna be a rather long post too, so bear with me :D

First off, you struck back at a person that struck you first, and seemingly not in the intention of simply having fun. Our guild is not here to fuel or satiate revenge if that is what you wanted. As it is with people in real life, if those that make your life miserable cease to reap fun out of doing so, they will stop. Getting guildies into this kind of thing will more often than not simply escalate the hatred. If it's for some fun world pvp, great. But that's where the catch is. pvp is for fun, not for showing who's boss. Redeemed is not in WoW to show everyone that we're boss. We're to show that good character is, and more than that too.

I've been ganked, corpse camped often enough in my leveling days too. I've led city raids and world pvp groups, and have been in battlegrounds more than all but a few members of our guild, if anyone in Redeemed at all. In all my time in pvp, I can safely say that stabbing back is no way to solve the problem.

As it is in most pvp servers, there will be gankers, and corpse campers. The best way to deal with them is not show them who's boss, but to simply avoid them. Spirit rez, hearth out and go somewhere else. Show maturity, not 1337 5kilLz.

Back in the day when I was leveling, I was ganked numerous times as well. It's a learning experience, as getting bullied in school is too. I learned to ignore the misery and to remember...I'm playing a game, and I'm doing it for fun.

Just a couple weeks ago Samj, Darkcloud, Reiver, Beriale, and I were corpse camped by several horde. After numerous attempts to fight back, we decided to escape by "laughable means" (like a pally's bubble/hearth) which was apparently so funny one of the hordies actually rolled a level 1 toon on alliance side to make fun of us.
Surprisingly, he happened to be playing an alt of a battleground foe I met numerous times and grew to respect. I didn't jab back at him when he made fun of me; I simply admitted that we got owned, and asked him for some tips. Lo and behold, we became friends after some relaxed and humorous conversation and after he revealed who he was. Now, every time I see him on one of his horde toons we exchange a /wave and /salute as we go about killing each other :p

Would you believe it, there was a time in Redeemed before even Goblit and Young and Samj were 60. None of them, and neither did I, had much help during our times to level. We went through the game ourselves and fought our way to 60. We knew guild groups were a rare thing, and so we made pickup groups to do dungeons when we wanted some new gear. Personally, I remember times where I formed a raid group in the lowbie area to kill ONE LEVEL 60 HORDE. Let me tell you, doing that myself was a greater thrill than downing Rag and Onyxia 100 times.

Everyone has their own agenda; as for people not responding, there are many possible reasons for it. Many people in Ironforge are cluttered with trade channels, or are simply afk. Many people that can be of any help against a 60 are, as you said, across the world. Many of them are in groups or dungeons, and cannot afford to ditch their groups. Most of the time by the time some of us get to a guildie in need the horde have long left.
Not everyone is in the mood for getting into a fight that can last hours (or where there's no fight at all) since many players' playtime is hard-earned. You'd think that corpse-campers leave after they've lost once; your own story proves that wrong, and so does my own experience. Again, remember the game is for fun. If getting repeatedly ganked is no fun, you don't have to beat the dead horse; escape or play a different toon. Don't expect everyone to get out of their own time of fun to solve a problem that can be easily solved by yourself.
Azzie summed it all up...whenever I got camped, i'd take a 10min break and come back..and 9/10 times they'd be gone. Worse comes to worse, find another spot to grind for a bit. Its hard to fly across the continent then ride to help someone...chances are they'll be gone by the time help can come.
No offence but I've had it worse and this is one of them. This ss was taked after my 6th attempt to get on a bird out of WS to get to DM. (There's a rogue there as well)


By your post you're saying that I should expect guildees to fly all the way from IF to WS to come and save me from this camping? I know I won't make that trip for someone else. Put yourself in other people's shoes before you say that no one is helping you. Corpse camping can easily be solved by hearthing or taking a breather. If you stay there and try to beat a person out-geared it only gets you more frustrated and angry.
Welcome to why I quit playing! On the plus side, there's always room in the UT2004 chapter for you. :)

Seriously though, I'm sorry to hear about your WoW Woes. Perhaps you should try Cenarius, that's what I did whenever I got griefed (and, as I mentioned, UT2004 is looking for a few good men/women ;) ).
Ask not what your guild can do for you, ask what you can do for your guild. Let the losing pvp go, you'll get your victory someday. Besides if pvp is really driving ya nuts come to the Mustard Seed Conspiracy on Cenarius where there is no pvp unless you want to fight.
Cassadine, I'm sad to see you go :( It would have been nice to have heard from somebody, I'm sure. Even a, I can't help, would've been nice.

I know for myself, I have a hard time telling people no. Somebody is being ganked in STV while I'm in Azshera. I'd like to help but by the time I get there, its been 30 minutes, and the problem will have solved itself. I feel horrible saying that I can't help and I don't want to come across as somebody who doesn't want to help. So personally, I'd rather ignore the problem. Well, its not necessarily the right answer, and I'm guilty of it to a 'T'. Sadly, this could well be the path that most people follow, ignore the problem and it will go away. I'm sorry this happened.
Main reason why I quit playing on Cenarius.....Alliance camping the Crossroads and killing all the NPC's so the lowbies couldn't quest.
Heh this is why I play Guild Wars :). In GW PvP is skills based not lvl based and if you win you earned it :). After months of Hard work I finally Won a Battle in the Hall of Heroes last night. If you like PvP Check out Guild Wars has a better PvP system. The PvE however is not quite as good as WoW.
....sorry to hijack the thred a sec but...

Hey Grats on your Hall of Heroes victory! I remember how badly I wanted to be there one day, when I was playing GW. I bet you were stoked!

I just found this screenshot of one of last days in GW, it was with Indy and Rahab Dredd on the big Halloween event where we earned our pumpkin heads.

Sorry to see you ganked. Weve all been there. Instead of asking many many many times in guild chat you could have gotten on an alt and let the ganker go. :)
We miss you at GW Ewok COME BACK!! That was FUN!! Factions is so much better :). Now we have Nightfall coming soon!

Wow those are two Capes ago!! Lots have changed in GW. We have extra Storage now and have had Christmas/new Years, 4th of July, and one other random Holiday! Old Screenie!! Rahab as changed alot since than. She can 55 Monk now :). almost 1 Mil XP on her finally. And sorry for the of topic post as well.

On topic it is nice to get any kind of reply when there is someone needing help I know in GW I try and respond to all calls for help letting them know if I can help or if i am busy. It is just a coutesy. my 2 Cents.
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Just wanted to repsond that I am disapointed in a few of your posts. Especially yours Azzie: A guild is made of people that are to support one another and at the same time show to other guilds our commitment to one another. I.E. you mess with one you mess with us all. By sticking together we gain respect as a guild and show people that we are a force to be dealt with. Now that does not mean from time to time you should just move on but if a brother is in need and someone is within close distance a response is owed or should be given to that person that is in need. We all need to do better in this. Cassadine asked or made a plea in guild for help. Nobody except for Goblit even acknowleged or repsonded to his cry. That is a shame. This is not to beat on anyone its just to ask for improvement. Listed below is a quote from my old guild from EQ. I guess its a standard I have come to expect from any guild I am apart of.

"As a Zephyros member you should be unable to be provoked regardless of the situation. You understand that your actions are at all times a reflection of your guild as well as yourself. You have faith in your friends, your guild and your officers that regardless of the sticky situation you find yourself in, you will have the support to prevail. Again, if you have need of anything, send a tell to an officer and let him determine the course of action to take."

Maybe this is a policy that we should take. Maybe we should all including myself just try to be sensative to one another and each others needs. Thats how we grow. So telling Cassadine to just get over it is completely wrong. I am disapointed that people would say such things. Thats how we loose very quality members. That is how we do not progress in the game with long term members. This is how we do not attract future quality members.

Thanks Reco
I understand, Reco, and I once again apologize for sounding as harsh as I did.

But I think the main thing is that the two of us simply view the issue in different light.

As a guild we should be helping others in need; I do not dispute that.
But I'll ask you this: What do you think Cassadine really needed? To see the horde who ganked him dead and feeling better about the guild, or to see that there are other methods of dealing with gankers that doesnt involve stabbing back and spending the time of other people?
Both sides have their pros and cons, I just happen to see the pros in one way more than the other simply because I learned how to deal with gankers the hard way, and I feel I am a better player and person because of it.

I agree that more people should at least have responded; we should at least have shown verbally and visually that we care. But I do not remember actually being at my computer in game to see it. If I was on, I apologize again; but not everyone constantly reads guild chat.

I'm not saying I'm right; I just want you to know how I see this, and why I responded as I did.
Azzie you should talk to Cassadine in game. I think you may have a misunderstanding of first of all Cassadines RL character.
Your Quote: "
But I'll ask you this: What do you think Cassadine really needed? To see the horde who ganked him dead and feeling better about the guild, or to see that there are other methods of dealing with gankers that doesnt involve stabbing back and spending the time of other people?"

Cassadine is a mature long term MMORPG player. He has been playing them longer than me I would guess over the last 8+ years. He was on his 35 Hunter trying to tame a rare spawn Brokentooth I think his name is. Anyways he is ganked repeatedly by a 60 Mage. He logs off for over 10 minutes and figures he will bring up Seathra his other account of his girlfriends 60 Rogue. He flys from STV to Loch Modan and gets to where his Hunter has been killed. Logs on Hunter with Rogue there to protect. Mind you this is 10+ Minutes later and hunter dies again. I will remind you he is not there to grind but get a rare spawn for taming. He kills the 60 Mage with Seathra. Mage calls in reinforcements from his guild but our guild has none to match. He is corpse camped both at spawn point by a Mage and Warlock and at Graveyard by a Warrior all in the same guild. Our guild is no where to support or rescue him from dieing even after a spirit Rez. Just thought I might clarify the facts.
Other than log off there was no way of escape. FYI. Im not passing any blame I just want us all to start paying more attn and get facts from someone before you make your own decisions. Or maybe just pay attn to guild chat more. I do know that I need to do that.
I was unaware of the details; thank you for telling me.

I'm sorry I said what I did the way I did. I was simply writing with the information I had in the way I felt would be most helpful, and I was wrong to judge anyone if it seemed that way.
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Cassadine im not sure if i was on that night but if i was im srry i didnt come help normally if im in the area i try to help out ppl but i cant remember really where i was tht night i got a bad memory btw but again im srry that u feel tht way and if u have anymore problems and im on and in the area ill come help out if i can
not to sound harsh, but ganking is a part of WoW, nearing 60 for the 5th time (rogue) its something that is suprisingly easy to avoid, or if you are being ganked/camped you can rez at max distances and runway/hide, try rezzing behind an object/hill if they are around. while i am one of the first to jump in and kill the horde (no matter the level/class) i also know when i am in over my head(hey its thefray!).

sorry you had a bad experience, depending on the time of day alot of members may be on but alt tabbed out, afk, not paying attention to WoW and just sitting in IF waiting for a BG que or something. one thing if it does happen again maybe jump onto vent and try asking for help there (dont have a mic , broadcast a comment that isnt silent)

better luck and safer adventures.