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only a small complaint
for the storyline it seems you have no idea what this game is about Now before i get flamed to death let me say I enjoy this site quite alot as there arent many Christian gamer sites out there I like. I show this site to alot of my non-Christian friends to show them that "see we arent all that bad" things like this help reinforce there negitive ideas about us, hence I bring it up.

also what the heck does a game have to do to get a 10 for graphics around here?

i agree, that reveiw wasnt bad, but it wsant at all able to capture what the story line of doom is at all. i personally dont mind if i get flamed, so ima go ahead and tell yall what the story of this game really is.

you are a marine employed by union aerospace corporation. you are sent to a mars based facility to fill a marine position. you arrive and all the people are very paranoid and freaked out. you get your gear and you are given your first assignment to locate a missing scientist in an older section of the facility.

from there the whole thing starts.

now the so called aliens that attack arent really aliens. im not through the whole game yet, im in the starting levels to the point where its starting to get more in depth.

the aliens are really demons. basically the all hell has brokent loose on this installation and you are fighting back hell. all the people are zombies and there are imps and all sorts of other hellish creatures that want you dead.

basically, dont play this game alone in a dark room, youll be scared out of your mind.

pretty much all christians will be offended by the themes in this game, yes your fighting off hell, but you see lots and lots of blood and gore. random arms legs and headless torsos scattered about, and blood stains everywhere. i even came across a room with a pentagram on the floor surrounded by candles and when i stepped on it, i heard demonic voices and a bunch of monsters appeared.

sometimes when you kill a monster youll hear a creapy voice that almost sounds like its saying "Jesus" but im not sure yet, and now there is demonic lauging that occurs at times too. all in all, its a super creepy scary game that i dont reccomend children ever play. and i would say alotta adults probly wouldnt play either. me? well, i think the game is very well done, graphically awesome, and its challenging.

id give it an 8 outta 10 personally. it gets an 8 merley because it scares me to play it hehe, but thats half the fun!
Id have to concur with the inaccuracy of parts of the preview also. being that ive completed around half of the game, most of wht ppl have been fearful of about it, the satanic symbols and whtnot, well, ive yet to see any symbol in game, albeit there may be some farther into the game. As pointed out above, the game could be at times, not so much creepy, but will have you turning around and checking and re-checking every dark corner in game, as the game does try to startle you, and probably will. While most of these moments in game will be nothing more then some of the demons spawning in around you, or ripping thru the door/floor/walls, a few of them now and then go beyond that, being, imo, too graphic and will not be detailed here, and thats coming from a guy that could care less about blood and gore and violence in a game. As far as violence and blood and gore, its all in doom 3 without any limit. its definetely not a game for younger people at all, and the european rating system did better on the rating for this game then ESRB did for once, lol, giving it a rating of 18+.

Anyways, it is a fun game, one of the best single-player fps games ive played since half-life. GFX and sound are top-notch, lvl design is almost flawless, and the games presentation to make a atmosphere of suspense and/or horror (its really not that scary:p), is pretty darn good.

And IRT to the comment about ALL Christians being offended by this game, wrong assumption. Ive been a christian for about 4 years now, and games that most christians have problems with, like diablo, doom, etc..., they dont bother me at all, and being most of them have never played the games themselves.... well ill leave that at that. If you do a search of the forums you should be able to find my opinion on being a christian and a gamer, and whether or not we should total avoid certain things in games, that i based off of 1 Cor. 8.
Diablo? THats not offensive at all! What about Diablo Could offend anyone?

By the way where do I go to talk about Morrowind?!!!
well I have not written the preview we have a review from a different writer coming up in a day or two. Please feel free to comment on the preview, that's what the option there for. I have not personally played nor do I intend on playing the game. (Maybe the demo but I don't like games with pentagrams in it.)
What does a pentagram matter? And besides in Diablo your Guy Is Killing the pentagram makers :p
Id understand if there was a game where you were forced to be Evil, Like Postal but in Diablo your guy fights for good
as i said in the thread below this on (why are people against D&D)
I am getting tired is scared little christians running from the evil satanic images ... to sum it up i turn to a book of mine
NO weapon formed against us will prosper

what is there to fear?
I am not afraid of the images or losing my salvation.  I simply don't like games glorifying satan or occult practices.  Not only are there pentagrams in Diablo but upside down crosses, a clear slap in the face of our saviour.  If they don't bother you great.  As for me it's a personal preference and I am not the only so please respect that.

Some games do more than throw these images around.  In Ultima 9 not only is there pentagram, but candles around it.  In order to make "magic"  you have to collect the reagents, place them in the pentagram, light the candles and do a ceremony.  I little more than imagry I believe!
Actually up to the medieval time the pentagram was a christian symbol representing the 5 wounds of christ. Then the church chose the cross as a christian symbol. And now people represent the pentagram to satan. But the church of satan just took the symbol because christians thought the symbol represented evil. If a majority of christians thought the easter bunny was evil, u would have the Church of Satan using the Easter Bunny as a symbol of satan. Which would be funny.

I respect the fact that u don't want to play the game for personal reasons, but the pentagram is one of the oldest christian symbols. So it doesn't bother me.:)
interesting perspective on the pentagram, naver heard it used by Christians before or representing the 5 wounds of Christ. thanks for the insight
i dont understand why an upside dwn cross is a slap in the face, saint peter was crucified upside down. in an art text book i have there is a part that talks about old symbols, and the differnt styles of crosses. the upside down cross was called the saint peters cross, i think it was peter, started with a p, i know that much wihtouhg having to go look it up. lol

a lot of the symbols used today have their root in the occult, even religious symbols. its rather intersting stuff if you research into it.
well depends on the perspective of the symbol. The apostle requested to be crucified upsidedown because he did not want the same death as Jesus. Other use that symbol in an anti Christian manner. Some say the orgins of the peace sign is an upside dwon cross with the arms broke down
Well most sympole over the ages have had their meanings changed. Who knows if 2000 years from now the cross will still be a christian symbol. Maybe it will have the same faith as the pentagon.

But I never knew about the upside down cross and the apostles. Very cool.:)
it would be good to also note that there were many shapes for crosses such as

I X T Y +

all used over most of the world
I think I'll do some research on Christianity and its adoption of the cross.

Personally I don't see how God could be amiable to having the foundation upon which his one and only son murdered.  Take that a step further and one wonders how God feels about crucifixes.  As if the cross wasn't bad enough, now you feel it necessary to have Christ emblazoned upon your neck battered, bloody and bruised?


Once again, it looks like Christianity adopted pagan rituals for its own use, druids in this case.  The earliest accounts/images of Christ show him on a stake, WITHOUT a crossbar.  In fact, the term used in the gospels is "stauros" which means a vertical pole without a crossbar in the original Greek.  It also looks like the early church fathers were AGAINST using the cross as a religious symbol.  Here's the link:


Father John Dobson, a Roman Catholic Priest in Australia says it better than I can.  He said the crucifix should never have become the symbol of Christianity because it was a means of execution. "If Christianity means life it is the resurrection that is our real symbol. But maybe the crucifix is the appropriate symbol for such negative, confining thinkers who are terrified to think in a more lateral, open way. These people love to debate what other people should or shouldn't be thinking or doing and whether they belong in the Christian tradition or not. Christianity was surely never meant to be a stick to belt someone on the head with, but rather a constant call to a meaningful life with God."

This was an interesting find too...

The earliest symbol of Christianity is neither the cross nor the crucifix; it is the Agnus Dei—the Lamb of God. Representations of Our Lord nailed to a cross began to appear in Christian works of art in the 5th century, after Christianity emerged from the catacombs and became a "public" religion. When Christianity was a persecuted religion, prior to the conversion of Constantine (A.D. 312), when crucifixion was still used as a common means of capital punishment, Christians did not use the crucifix as an icon. It was simply too conspicuous.

The Council of Constantinople in A.D. 629 ordered: "That, instead of the lamb, our Lord Jesus Christ will be shown hereafter in His human form in images so that we shall be led to remember His mortal life, His passion, and His death, which paid the ransom for mankind"—this image was the crucifix.
I think the cross became the Christian symbol because even though Christ death was bloody for those who believe in him it represents the hope and salvation that we have in him as Christians.
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Quote[/b] (earthling @ Aug. 12 2004,8:16)]I think the cross became the Christian symbol because even though Christ death was bloody for those who believe in him it represents the hope and salvation that we have in him as Christians.
Understood, but consider this quote from

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Quote[/b] ]Christianity portrays itself as being about eternal life, but its primary symbol represents a painful, nasty death.