Which Driver? The only one I know about came out around 1999. Is that the one you are talking about? I borrowed it from a friend. What I remember about it is, I think you are an undercover policeman, but in general, you are just driving on different tracks (city, dirt, etc.) using muscle cars from the 70's. The game was amazing for its physics engine. Is that the one you are talking about? I don't think it was like GTA.


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No, Driver3r is the latest one for PS2 and XBX. I've read the previews for it and seen the trailer and other movies, but to tell you the truth I've no idea. From the movies I've seen it looks alot like GTA. In another preview it said Tanner's loaded with a grenade, shotgun, and pistol. But it's got some famous people (forget who) doing the voices. I don't really know, but go to www.gametrailers.com and look it up to see some of it's films.


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Michael Madsen is doing the voice of Tanner. Driver has previously had two other games, for the PS1, and the second allowed players to leave their vehicles in a more GTA-style format. Driv3r is going to be much along these same lines, but expect more explosions and stunts, because this game is coming after Stuntman, Reflection Studio's last game.

And, yes, say it. I'm a movie geek.
Driver 2 was the best game like GTA, without all the violence, and .....prostitutes....
Driver 3 should be comming out for Gamcube also. Although Driver 2 had a decent moral value back in 1999...with the rise of Vice City and GTA 3, I think the series will take a turn for the worst...
Yep. Stuntman is also more enjoyable than either Driver games seeing as how I own them. They are fun but limited to a cetain amount of lasting fun where as Stuntman is one of the most fun games I have ever played.


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I am really excited about Driv3r. It's looking really good, so far I haven't seen anything too GTA like, other than guns. If it can earn a T rating I will most definately be buying it, if M then we'll see.


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umm, no... driv3r.com it's just not going to be released the same time as the PS2/Xbox versions. also I just found out that the game is going to be rated M. That's kind of bad, but on esrb it just says the desciptor is "violence" nothing more, no swearing, no blood, no mature sexual content. I think it's just rated that cause you have guns and can run people over.


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i own 2 and i recomend buying it