Dungeon team


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I am looking to form a group of people interested in the Dungeon Master title, which involves completing every path of every dungeon from AC to Arah. What I figure is once we have a team we can discuss which nights/times work for everyone each week. It doesnt have to be the same night/time every week but I would like to get at least one run in each week. I was figuring we start in AC and work our way up through each dungeon. If everyone on the team has a certain dungeon complete we skip it and move on to the next one. If people are only missing a certain path in a dungeon we can get that one done and skip the rest of the paths. The goal would be to get everyone involved the title as well as build up the community. If there is enough interest we could even form 2 groups and each group could maintain its own schedule.
I'd love to do this. I especially need the later dungeons, Sorrows Embrace, Crucible and Arah. I'm usually on in the evenings but it varies. I take care of my mom so it kinda depends on her schedule a lot.
I'll join your venture. Only need 1-2 paths in most and have some completed. Except Arah, don't have any of those.
Im sure many of usare in thesame boat with having some paths completed and just needing 1 or 2 in many of the dungeons. CoF for example I am sure most have path 1 done since its teh most farmed path out there and if you are missing 1 then it is most likely path 3 or story mode since they are the longest and least done. It would certainly save time if everyone could figure out which paths they have completed, though sadly the UI does not help with this since it will only say you are missing x number of paths and wont say which ones you have done. Story mode is easier to figure out though just try to enter a dungeon and see if you can trigger explorer mode or not.