Emergency Prayer Request


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Please pray for my son Patrick. He's been missing since yesterday. He's in his first semester at college (four hours away) and about a month ago had a depressive episode and "shut down." We thought we had him past that, he's gone to the counseling center and he's on anti-depressants now. I spoke to him in the morning yesterday, but he didn't go to class. Supposedly he went to the medical center because he said he wasn't feeling well (he's missed class all week). He was supposed to meet his friends this morning and he didn't show up. We've tried calling (friends, mother, me, grandparents) and he won't answer. The RAs went to his room and got no answer, but his phone shows him still in his dorm. I broke down and called the campus police and they are trying to track him down.
Update. I talked to him. He has a cold and claims he's been sleeping all day. The doctor prescribed a cough suppressant that isn't recommended with the other meds he is on. Not sure I buy that it was just the medicine. He is supposed to meet with his friends for dinner in a little bit.

Please keep us in your prayers. My mom can hardly walk and more and more I'm having to wait on her. My wife nor I have had any luck with our job searches. On top of that, my oldest is having problems getting through the semester at college.
Praying, will continue to pray.
Thanks for the prayers.

My son came home for Christmas. We were working on a contract with him before he went back to school, but he ended up failing all but one of his classes. He has decided to stay home for the Spring and work to get more money for school before starting again. I would like him to take at least one class here (he was having a lot of trouble with Calc.) but that will be up to him. Please pray for him. He made a hard decision and is hurting because of it. He's dreamed of being a meteorologist most of his life and that is the only program in the state.

Update on my mom. After spending about two weeks on the couch 24/7 except to go the bathroom, she talked the doctor (over the phone) into prescribing more prednisone for her. This is her third round. We are supposed to go to GA to visit my wife's family in a few days. My plan was to stay home and take care of my mom, but my mom is determined that I go with my family. I'm not sure how that works, but she seems to be intent to show me she can take care of herself. Obviously this is causing a lot of family tension.