Epic Battle between Good and Evil.


And the healing in the fight was amazing. Especially the two White Lions that outhealed Odale.

hehe. In fairness, he *did* capture the flag a time or two....or three? So he didn't have time to do much damage or healing.

Oh yeh, note the score in Pheonix Gate. Yeh, we clobbered them.
What I find odd is the BW that only did 1500 damage. I first thought that they must have gotten in late, but I see that they were credited with 15 kills and had 3 deaths. Heck, they did twice as much healing (in bolster, I'm sure) as damage. How does that happen?? Needs a name change to Shewznt. ;)
She had to go afk early on and we did a bunch of killing right in front of where she was. That was actually SamIam's daughter playing :)
Whoops! :eek:

*looks around frantically for foot extractor*

How does that foot taste? :D

My daughter(s) seldom get to play, are not used to the classes/abilities, and this daughter much rather play melee dps toons, but Shuranda doesn't have any.

All that said, they aren't "great" at PvP, but really enjoy it. Maybe one day they'll get their own accounts and cant practice, practice, practice.