EQ2 Producers Letter - things to come


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Alternate Rule Set Server: Something similar to the progression server used in EQ, or a permadeath server or a special PVP ruleset server. The possibilities are endless. We plan to make this a cycling system allowing for new sets to be popped up every few months, using the same server hardware.
Travel Revamp: As we look at the systems in the game, one of the most deficient and illogical, in our opinion, is our current travel system. We used many mixed systems which often do not make sense. Some zones have bells, some have spires, etc. . . So we are in the process of cleaning all of those up for our next update. Expect a more streamlined, logical system that makes a lot more sense, coming to Norrath in the near future. Expect more details on the forums as we get closer to May.
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