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To: All Tribe of Judah Members
From: The Tribe of Judah Council

Brothers and Sisters,

The Tribe of Judah has grown beyond expectations in the past few years and with it we have experienced some recent growing pains. There are numerous reasons on why this is happening. We all come from different backgrounds, we have different viewpoints, maturity levels, reasons for joining and goals for our time while we are a part of the Tribe. This list can go on and on why we will come across disagreements on how things are run or dealt with. Even will all of our differences, we all gather under one banner. That banner is the banner of a Christian. It is under this banner that we must stand united and set forth our basic rules for continued membership of the Tribe of Judah.

We are called forth with the great commandment:
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"Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength: this is the first commandment."-Mark 12:30.

and the great commission:
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Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you." Matt 20:18-20

To do these two things, we have to actively share our faith and be the light unto the world, the city on the hill. When we stand divided, we cannot do this. Therefore, the council, as a group, wants to set some things straight from here on out.

We are all human beings and will stumble in our walk. We are to help each other in this walk and keep one another accountable for our actions and what we present ourselves as. When we wear the tag of the Tribe of Judah, ([toj.cc], KotT, etc..) we represent Christ and a group that is dedicated to Him. When you wear our tag, no matter what game you play, or what server you are on, you are this representative. Due to our human nature, we will sometimes stumble and make mistakes, and that is ok. What we want to make sure of, is that those who do wear the tag on other servers are doing their best to represent us in a good light. There have been several recent reports with the influx of new people that ToJ members are spreading profanity abroad more than their faith. However, we cannot police members all the time off our own servers. Please, if you cannot represent us in a positive light on other servers, remove the tag before you join. An ideal situation would be that all members behaved properly all the time, but, we will make mistakes and we are all not at the same place in our spiritual walk.


The Tribe of Judah is currently exploring an application for NPO status. This would be a great thing, as it would allow us to find sponsors for events, servers, and things to help us grow. Once NPO status is achieved, we will then need all donations forwarded through the treasurer so proper tax documentation can occur. If money is not given through the treasurer, there will be no written record of it being received and will not be reported. This means, if it does not go through the treasurer, you can not claim it as a tax write off at the end of the year. Every donation that is given through the treasurer will received a statement showing the amount they donated that was reported so they may use it as a write off. The Donation email (paypal and otherwise) is donations@toj.cc.

Teamspeak Server

The teamspeak server is available for everyone within ToJ or the CGA to use. The address is: tojcga.game-server.cc:14536 . Password is tojcccga10. All rules of ToJ apply to the Teamspeak server. Profane language on the T/S server will not be tolerated. If someone is on and cussing, and you cannot get ahold of a T/S admin, (see below for a list) get their information by right clicking on their name and clicking on Connection Info. From there you can get their IP address and email it to Hescomingsoon, the main T/S server admin. You can also click on record at the top of the Teamspeak client and make a recording of the offender. Recordings can become quite large, so please compress it before you email it. Please feel free to use it and any chapter channel that is available is free to use. Any marked private are for their respective groups. To register your username on the Teamspeak server, click on Self, Register with server. This will allow you to create a password for the name you would like to reserve for use. Any questions regarding the Teamspeak server can be directed to Hescoming soon or any other T/S server admin.
TeamSpeak Server Admins thus far:
hescominsoon, exodus, goose62, plankeye, Thaddius, Kidan, Rizz, and Elihu
Their contact information can be found at http://www.toj.cc/members/roster.cfm.

Chapter Issues

We have currently have 7 active chapters and 6 inactive chapters. In the coming months, The council will go through and re-evaluate the relevance of keeping some of the inactive chapters that have had no activity in recent history. We will also evaluate any chapter requested by a ToJ member who wants to start a new chapter. Here are the guidelines for requesting a new chapter to be started and some info on competition teams for established chapters:
- No new chapters will be established unless they are first fully staffed. If we conclude that there is insufficient activity within a chapter within the first month of its establishment, it will be set as inactive.
- Tribe of Judah will not be forming any competition teams unless someone undertakes all responsibility involved in such an endeavor.

Chapter issues are to be directed to the chapter leaders first, than to any Council member of ToJ if it cannot be resolved. As a side note, any issue sent to a council member that is not requested to be private will be shared with the council forum for discussion on the subject in most cases. If it is requested to be a private conversation it will not be shared without the senders consent. This is done to ensure issues are dealt with in the appropriate manor.
We The Council are working to move the Tribe of Judah in such a way as to become a positive beacon for Christ in the gaming community. As we work to this, we will see changes, and we will experience growing pains at times. We ask that the members continue to keep the Tribe of Judah in prayer as we grow and make changes to better align us for growth. Below you will find a list of chapter leaders and council members.

Chapter Leaders
Counter Strike: Alan "Elite" Errichiello
Day of Defeat: Brandon "kryptonite17" Justice
Natural Selection: Isaiah "Tek7" Jones
TFC: Kraig "holycrusader" Hufstedler
Jedi Knight 2: Brandon "kryptonite17" Justice
Medal of Honor: Ryan "Sir_Ryan" Wallace
Warcraft 3: Charles "LionOfJudah" Weber
World of Warcraft: Lee "Bowser" Sadler
Xbox Live: Benjamin "Tolkien" Asbeck

Council Members

All contact information can be found at http://www.toj.cc/members/roster.cfm for the Council members, Chapter leaders and the T/S server admins. Please feel free to contact any member of the council or chapter leaders if you have any questions, concerns or suggestions.

Thank you all,
The Tribe of Judah Council
thankyou for postin this i believe its a well done constant reminder of why we're here
I guess StarCraft isn't even considered a chapter :/ it's still in the active list and we're planning stuffs hello?
[b said:
Quote[/b] (Flash @ June 29 2004,6:13)]I guess StarCraft isn't even considered a chapter :/
Starcraft is still a chapter and always will be, regardless of activity. Though all other chapters and sub-chapters are subject to removal based on activity, our Starcraft chapter is exempt thanks to an Official Tek7 Decree™. Tribe of Judah was founded as a Starcraft clan and we will not forget our roots. So no worries!

Starcraft forever, w00t!
I remember that post on the Bnet forums, oh so long ago...Tek, I was but a wee lad back then, and you were....Um....Still old, but less old.


[b said:
Quote[/b] (Tek7 @ June 29 2004,1:17)]Starcraft is still a chapter and always will be, regardless of activity. Though all other chapters and sub-chapters are subject to removal based on activity, our Starcraft chapter is exempt thanks to an Official Tek7 Decree™. Tribe of Judah was founded as a Starcraft clan and we will not forget our roots. So no worries!

Starcraft forever, w00t!
Yeh but the chapter's leaders and the staffs aren't even included
1. You can't be a leader in ToJ and a leader in another clan.

[b said:
Quote[/b] ]As for my resignation from toj I just want to say without giving names away that I had some issues with leaders, miscommunications never mended and then neglected, on top of some disagreeances which we agree to disagree on.

Your no longer in ToJ by your own words, therefore you cannot be a co-leader.

If you disagree with this, feel free to petition anyone in the Council.

However, CS and SC has no relations. I'm not the "leader" of another clan (well team on our case) just co-leading and helping out. I'm still willing to be part of ToJ. Also i thought Dead_Aim was still SC co-leading and staying in ToJ :eek:?
yeah he said he's staying in toj, and staying a part of SC.
I forgot where I read that. And I don't think he actually said that he's leaving toj. DA's a cool guy.
I know Cory I'll stay out of it but I found that quote I was talking about. I'll post and then I'll leave it alone.

Dead_Aim said:
[b said:
Quote[/b] ]I never said I was leaving ya hanging with sc chapter bro. I want you to know that I am still in there tight with you. Im leaving toj-cs for now, (and since things are working out prolly just for a temporary amount of time im happy to report). Im glad I can help out anyway possible with 3R, you guys need alot of work but you have the passion and commit like a team Ive never seen. With a little guidance and that kind of commitment you will go far.
Wait let me get this straight. I'm no longer SC Chapter leader and DA left and isn't part of SC Chapter either???
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