Favorite screenshots from the last 20 years


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I'm looking through screenshots of years gone by and finding some great screenshots in the archive. I thought I'd share a few (or several, let's see how this goes) and ask you all to do the same.

If you have any screenshots from the last 20 years of ToJ you'd like to share, please post them here!

I'll start us off with a Dark Age of Camelot screenshot from 2001:


There will be more to come!
Remembering the good ol' days of StarCraft...


Guild Wars 1.

Those were the days. I miss those days. I should load up Guild Wars 1 again. 2205

It's actually a minor miracle I still have a few screenshots of the game sitting around. Nevermind with SoE and the alliance.
I didn't think I would have any, but I looked around and I have a few screenies of @Tek7 and me during our brief stint (together) on WoW. Look at the happy couple. ;)
Edit: come to think of it, I think that time it was on one of his acquaintance's (?? maybe it's even a CGA person, but I don't remember) guilds. I don't think that was even ToJ. I just remembered that (sort of). Buuut it's closest I got. :p


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Humm... let's see... FAVORITE SCREENSHOTS? o_O There are so many it's hard to choose! I'll try to narrow it down to only 50! Please check out the Toj Team Fortress 2 section of the postings to see all the people who deserve to be famous for this section! Select the following to get there!

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This was the First Screenshot I believe I ever Posted for the Toj Tuesday Event Nights - April 1, 2018. It's cool to see who still comes and remember those we used to play with!


This is one of the First Screenshots I posted of Tek on CGA from Toj Tuesdays - May 2018.


This is the First Screenshot I posted of Gerbil on the CGA Website from Toj Tuesdays - April 2018.


This is the First Screenshot I posted of Bird of Pray for Toj Tuesdays - May 2018.


This is one of the First Screenshots I posted of RaySoul from Toj Tuesdays - April 2018.


This is one of my Favorite Screenshots of me as a Heavy in Midget Mode playing my guitar! - April 2018.


This has to be my Favorite Group Picture - January 2019. We all went to the SKYBox for the Map and lived like Giants! We looked cool riding the Blimp in the Sky!

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New favorite screenshot from tonight: Proof that I destroyed a sentry with the Medic's Solemn Vow on cp_dustbowl (with some well-timed help from Gerbil, of course):


EDIT: Bonus: Full server on Wacky Races!

I'll post 3 screenshots from Toj Tuesday's celebration!

Another Map that had a Full Server was... Dustbowl!


Favorite Silly Screenshot from the evening... Loved this Yeti Heavy's face!


Favorite Screenshot of me from Tuesday for 2 Reasons...
Got my new 20th Anniversary Toj Clan Pride Badge on
and I look Smart standing under a sign that reads... Intelligence! :p LOL!


I would love to get a screenshot on the Toj. Server of everyone wearing their 20th Anniversary Badge! You think that's possible some Tuesday Night? I'm not sure if someone has a list of everyone who got one, but I would be willing to try to contact each one to see if they could make it for a screenshot! :)