Favorite upcoming handheld

Favorite upcoming handheld -

  • Sony PSP

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Let's see what you guys think!

Also, this isn't a flaming forum....include reasons WHY you like your choice.

Mine: the Nintendo DS

Wireless multiplay, double screens, N64 or better graphics, etc.

No multimedia really, but I would buy a pocket PC if I wanted that
PSP, not only because it's sony, but also because it's much cooler! I mean just compare the two designs, sure the DS a 2 screens, but like most games will use those to their fullest! Compare the graphics on the PSP to the DS, it's pretty obvious who wins there, PSP looks like a PS2, DS looks like an N64. The games are going to own on PSP too! I can't wait to get my hands on Armored Core for it! Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't the PSP have wireless multiplay too? I love how the PSP can play movies and music also!
nintendo ds for me. I grew up with nitendo...never had a playstation and i dont plan on getting one. Also i think the ds will sell more then the psp. Cause look at nintendos history with handhelds....they own the market...when a new handheld came out with better technology....the gameboy came up and slaped it in the face and sent it crying home to its mommy XP

Super Mario 64 DS
Metroid Prime Hunters: First Hunt (comes with DS)
PictoChat (built in)
Madden NFL 2005
The Urbz
Spider-Man 2
Ping Pals
Feel the Magic: XY/XX
Rayman DS
Asphalt Urban GT
Ridge Racer DS

...I think
ugh....i went to target today and they had the ds out to play...with the new metroid game.....the controls were retarded o-O you use either the d-pad or the regular buttons to move forward and backward and strafe from left and right, the shoulder buttons were used to fier and you had to use the touchpad to aim up and down and look from left to right