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I went to the conference called CIY MOVE (not sure if anyone has heard of it) for a week from the 10th-15th this month and it's the best week a Christian high school can have. It's a huge event and there were 2000 high schoolers worshipping Jesus and it's just awesome being surrounded by the Holy Spirit. Anyways so my Spirit has just been absolutely renewed and I feel closer to God than I have ever felt in my life. I've only been a Christian for two years also. This has been a huge step but that's not the prayer. There was this girl that I used to have a mad crush on for a long time and I told her how I felt and she didn't feel the same way. This was also when I was still learning about God so she didn't want to because of that I think. So whatever I got over it. But after I got back from CIY that crush has been coming back like hard and I don't know why??? I want to focus on God and ONLY God right now. I don't want it to be such a distraction and it is. But I don't understand why I'm feeling this way again. I know it's not lust or anything like that. I noticed as I get closer to God the feeling gets a bit stronger. I don't know if this is God telling me to not lose hope about this girl or what? I want what God wants me to do. And if this is what He wants I don't understand. I know she won't feel the same way but then again... I have just about everything she looks for in a guy. Absolutely loves Jesus, wants to focus on Jesus more than anything else, go to the same college, and be a missionary. And I didn't choose to be a missionary until God told me to after I shook those feelings. So I don't understand what God is wanting... I'm being patient and I pray every single day about it but I was hoping I can have more prayer about this situation so God can help me understand.
Uh anyone else out there? I know we have married people here. That involves women so you guys have to know something. Gerbil is not the guy to give advice on women. I know they are different than men, which admittedly is more than many people know today, but other than that I'd be speaking from conjecture not experience.
Ah. I suppose I should have posted here so it didn't seem like the request has gone unnoticed.

Murph and I (and others, too) talked a bit on Discord about this about the same time this post went live. :D
Just keep your eyes on Jesus, pray, seek Him, let Him guide it. Ask Him what if anything He's trying to teach you in this time, and trust that He wants to guide you.

Praying for you brother.
I read your post and all kinds of red flags and alarms went off in me. I can't very well articulate why, but I would like to echo the post from Pheonix. I would say you can't cover this situation with too much prayer, I am praying for you. Find your mentor and talk to them, a Christian brother whom you can trust and talk too with more experience, wisdom and time in Christ.
i second the irl mentor and praying with him

i work with college students and it makes a huge difference having that mentor figure.

it is nice to hear your passion for God though and not being lukewarm about things.

praying you :)

glad you are here
Ok, a lady is stepping in......I know I'm not around enough any more. I know two wonderful younger adults who went through this situation. The lady grew up believing they guy was not walking the walk at that time. God used this situation to bring a change in him and now they are happily married, serving the God both in and outside of our church, with three sweet kids.

Keep praying, but don't give up hope either. She may have been praying for God to bring the right God loving guy to her all along. Remember God works in His timing not ours. Just because she wasn't previously interested, does not mean that she's not now. Regardless having friends with God as their focus is a blessing. You never know if God intends for the two of you to be friends or something more in His timing, but don't just jump in without having the mentor support and praying behind it.

Blessings and Hugs,