Final Fantasy XIV


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It's no secret that Final Fantasy XIV has rocketed to the top of the mmo world. Alas, there's also scarcely any christian fellowships or community on it at all.

The first time I found a Christian fellowship "FFXIV Conservatives", it suddenly ceases to exist overnight. Another fellowship called "Verse of the Day" cropped up, and were so popular their linkshell was full. They too disappeared overnight. Most recently, this happened with "Church of the King".

I don't know if christian fellowships are being removed from this game or what. There's no shortage of LGBTQ fellowships and the reddit FFXIV community was incredibly hostile to the idea of a Christian fellowship.

With all this in mind, I was thinking we should start our own community that is INVITE ONLY and whose name doesn't immediately scream christian. We would be christian only, and largely from FFXIV players from this community.

What does everyone think? Is there enough interest for something like this?
I posted a reply in the Introductions thread in CGA General, but I'll reply here as well:

It appears as though SOLA has a FFXIV guild, but I don't know how active they are.

At this time, Tribe of Judah does not have any plans to establish a FFXIV guild, but that doesn't mean we never will!
My understanding is that SOLA is very active in FFXIV. They also play Lost Ark and some other games.