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I was trying to watch chat and hope someone would post when a Champ event started but then I found a website that made my Champion farming a lot easier.

Select Server then Event Maps to select what zone you are in. It will update in real time and if you are unsure where to go just hover your mouse over the event update and it will highlight the area of the map its in.

Hope this helps some folks. :D
Thanks. That's helpful.

I've just been going to balloons and getting events for the champions.
I prefer this site for tracking world events and bosses:

As you complete events each day, you can "check" them off your list, and clicking the checkmark icon at the top will filter the list to hide events you've already completed (for the bonus chest). The checkmarks will automatically clear when the day rolls over.

The site also sports timers indicating how long an event has been up, or how long until the event window begins. Lead-up objectives to the more complex events (like the temples) are also indicated.

On the topic of "Finding Champions Easily", I've found that my lowbie norn is at a place in his story quests where he has to beat the jotuns back in Wayfarer Foothills. The quest takes less than 2 minutes, and the final boss is a champion, so drops one of the new champion loot bags. By waypointing out of the quest instance (rather than finishing the quest), I can repeat it ad nauseum. I transfer the bag to my level 80 character to get improved chances at better rares/exotics.
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I find this site to be incredible useful for tracking world bosses:

This list includes checkmarks you can use to note which events you have already completed (for the bonus chest), allowing additional filtering on the list. It also reveals some of the leadup events (especially for the temples, like which beacon the Dwayna escort mission is on). Additionally, there are timers to indicate when a boss "window" will arrive, and how long an event has been running (so you can arrive late to the party if you know the boss takes an especially long time to defeat).

As far as "finding champions" easily, I've found that certain areas are prone to champion farming - Queensdale in particular has a boar, spider, troll, and oakheart that spawn regularly and are farmed by lots of people.

I've also found that on one of my early norn storyline quests, I have to go into the Jotun encampment in Wayfarer Foothills and defeat a champion-class boss. The quest takes less than 2 minutes to complete, and after defeating the boss (and receiving my loot drop), I can waypoint out of the quest and repeat. Due to the speed and simplicity of the quest, and the close proximity to the waypoint, I can farm this boss indefinitely (or at least until I complete the last step of that quest). I transfer the champion loot bags to a level 80 character for a chance at better rares/exotics, and then use the Mystic Forge to transmute rares to exotics, as needed. Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy.
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I know this thread is a little dated but since it's on topic. There's a zerg style champ farm in Frostgorge Sound and Cursed Shore. They are easy to follow as there are usually commander's sporting their blue doritos. Once you learn the order of waypoints it's easy to keep up.
Edit: If anyone wants to do this I know the Frostgorge one well and would be happy to show you in game. fierotecknics <-account name.
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