For Honor Starter Edition Free for a limited time

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For Honor: Starter Edition is free for a limited time on Steam.
It's redeemed like most free offers on Steam by pressing the install button but you don't have to actually install it just get it in your library.

Details on the Starter Edition are here

I don't know if the free offer is one of those things that continually pop up for "For Honor" or if it's rare but I do know a little about the game though Youtube videos. I've not seen any sex or cussing so TO MY LIMITED KNOWLEDGE it doesn't have any objectionable material but violence/beheading type things. The starter edition is one of those some characters free the others you must grind for things but if you like the starting characters you are set (I only cared for the look of Warden out of all the Characters). There are minor items that drop that, if I remember right, modify stats in a minor way but don't quote me on that. Supposedly the game was not doing well originally, balance issues etc., but the devs supposedly changed some things making the game better. Don't know if true but the game is free for one button click sooooo...
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Thanks for the personal recommendation on Steam. Absolutely my kind of game. Not sure it'll run on my compy, but I appreciate you sharing. Snagged it one way or the other.


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I played the open beta and found the multiplayer to be ultimately rage-inducing for myself. Unfortunately, the campaign was not part of the beta as that was what I was most interested in. Looks like I'll have a chance to play the campaign for free!