For Those who have tried the CS:S


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What d'u guys think? I got to borrow a friend's steamID, and its looking nice, except the guns act alot differently.
I've not yet played it, however I am looking forward to it
i hate it, it has way to good of graphix, they need to lower it, so my intel proset III can play it
/me points and laughs at beloved

Yes a new map would be excellent. Dust got old a long time ago...
When i bought my agp card for the computer i built, i got the asylum geforce 5200 (gets 60fps on cs) and there is a PCI version for the same price and a decent price too.  If they still sell it
i have my vsync off....but there is no point cause i lag more with higher fps my max fps is set to 40 =|
80-100 Fps CS vsyn off.
Videocard: ATI Radeon 9600 XT (great overclockage
) Though I may get an upgrade hopefully.

Genesis (beloved) u can perhaps buy a PCI videocard. I don't recommend it, since Regular PCI slot is alot slower then the regular AGP port. I recommend getting a new motherboard (supposing you built your own) If not, you will indeed need to buy a new system.

I just borrowed an account from a friend to play for about 30min. It's looking good! I get great fps also. 640x480 (my CS1.6/Halo/ and what not fav. resolution) full settings and about 90-100 steady framerate. I hope i can manage it.