Free Play Server - Announcing "Everquest II Extended"


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What are you thoughts on it? I would hate to leave behind my legacy on the live servers but not paying $15 a month would be sweet, I would not have to pop in and out.

Paying the one-time $10 to get access to expert skills is a no-brainer and I think I could live with expert only. However, the no legendary/fabled items really hurts and I think it might be a deal breaker for me. I would go nuts completing heritage quests and not being able to equip the rewards.

Obviously all the years and years of work put into the guild is lost if you moved to f2p but I wonder what this will do to the live servers. In small guilds like ours where people pop in and out as the money and time permits, being on the f2p servers sure would help things and I have the feeling this might drop population on live even more.

Over all I think it was a good idea, but the separate server is bad. Getting new people hooked on the game only to give them no easy way to get to a live server afterwards is just foul play in my opinion. The whole thing should have a easy road map to get people on live servers not keep them away while charging the more $ for the same content they would get with a full sub.


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I feel same way about this. I think it is nice for a new person that has never played the game it would be great. But When you have a Porsche in your garage and your driving a Pinto around you know what you are missing. If money is tight for that person by all means play for free but if you have the $15 a month Don't play on free server for $15 a month, play on the Live server you will get more for your money! Once the server comes out I might think about starting a Knights of I AM guild on it but rather we had a Different Guild Leader on the Server I don't mind being a officer and help but I want stay focused on the Live server much as possible. If numbers drop its more of reason to be there to help find the new people that want to join a Guild that stand for God. I'll be Praying about it and we will see how Lord directs us on this.