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Since purefun went zombie i have been without a website. Can anyone suggest a good free webshost i can use since the last time i used one it was yahoo

My site is just HTML and a bit of script. Size <10mb
define REAL webhosting? You want a avhe one with without google's intrusive TOS and AUP. This gives you an instant blog AND wordpress is also a CMS core as well. Sounds like a website to me. NOw if he has his own domain(which was not detailed) then things change.
I already have a blog page at wordpress. I need some space where i can dump my already designed website which used to be on

I am trying out zymic, well i will be in a few weeks when i get time.
YOu can stil put hte pages up there..jsut need a plugin or two. I wonder if geocities is still around?
Googlepages is not around anymore...or you could've done it they only have Google Sites, which is so lame...
It turns our Zymic doesnt update when you make changes to your site.. or show images.. or generally work so have canned that one. Wordpress is far too complicated for what want to do. I just need some space to put my site in the root directory (FTP FTW).

I am open to suggestions again.
If you had signed up for Pages, you would've had 100MBs of webspace that you could've dropped it, and it would work...
I tried sites just now and it is a dog... you cant do very much at all on it yet.

I just tried a couple of free hosting places but nothing seems to work. They either require PHP/SQL based sites or just dont work... or have ads... I just want a simple HTML page on a subdomain.
Okay, first, you will need a Google account, just make sure to uncheck the "Mark of the Beast" option...(hehe)... I have had mine for a long time, use Google for just about everything...but anyways...

Go to and create a file cabinet page and upload your files, you can even create folders...

I had to play around with the URL to make it shorter, because when you click on one of the files it gives you this insanely long I played around with it and figured out:*sitename*/files/*filename*

I tried sites just now and it is a dog... you cant do very much at all on it yet.

Unfortunately that is how they want it, but the file cabinet seems to work well...
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rgr.. i seem to have had some success with I can only upload one file at a time but everything seems to work on my test page.