Fun at the dentist.


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Once upon a time when I was 10, my brother accidentally threw a rock that accidentally hit me in the mouth, knocking out two of my teeth and fracturing another. Fast-forward 11 years, still having teeth problems. Today I had my front tooth pulled that has been severely infected for over two years now (financial strain ftl) and a bone-graph done (without anesthesia, because I am a MAN). The whole ordeal took 45 minutes. Insurance refuses to cover any of it because it happened to long ago, according to them. So I am having to pay it solely on my own, which is about $4,000 total to finish fixing my teeth. It really has me bummed out sometimes when I think about it all. Right now I'm without a front tooth and will be so for the next week until they fashion me a 'flipper' (retainer type deal). Anyone else have some dental stories they wish to share?
When I was a young lad, I lost one of my front teeth. My parents thought my other teeth would grow in and push the other teeth toward the middle.

Fast forward twenty-plus years and I still have a gap between my two front teeth. :(
Yeah, he had a middle tooth. Freak. ;) He's still soo cuute though. *wiggles*

Oh, so yeah. I have an interesting dentist story. You know the fluoride treatment they do? Where they leave the foam thing in your mouth and a straw type thing sucks your spit out? Okay, I knew the straw thing was REALLY uncomfortable. I wasn't sure why...I thought maybe the edge of it was scraping the roof of my mouth.

Later the hygienist saw a single tear sneak out the corner of my eye and BLOOD in the straw. The straw thing had been stuck on my uvula (not to patronize, but just in case you don't know...the hangy-downy thing in the back of your throat)!!!

OW!! It hurt for a LONG time. My uvula was so long for a week or so. It was dragging along my tongue and I felt like I was going to swallow it every time I swallowed. It was also really gross looking. :D Yay, dentists.
Eek, sounds like some horror stories.

Apoc, my sister tried to catch a baseball with her mouth and had to get a root canal. The dentist messed up and now it has a dendency to drift to a brownish color. She has to bleach every so often to prevent looking like a hick. That deal about your insurance company sounds fishy. I'd speak to the management -- and be really vicious about it. That's how my girlfriend gets so much free stuff (i.e. starbucks coupons, 1337 phones from verizon wireless).
Oh! And I just thought of a dentist horror story...

My dentist's name is Dr. Bailey. He's a cool guy for the most part (drives a Jaguar... not a much superior Caddy). Anyway, for the first 5 years I went to him he'd tie my shoelaces together when I was on the chair. I could never get them undone and I would just trip over myself. Everyone laughed at me... to this day I only wear velcro shoes.
I don't floss, I'm not ashamed to admit it, but I don't...I just don't have the time. I do brush my teeth though. Well anyway, my dentist always asks me if I floss and I always say no, and one day I get so fed up with him I just no and I'm not going to! Then I asked him if he flossed and he said no...
I'm like that one rapper guy with all the gold teeth. I thought, hey, what's the use in trying to maintain the real ones when the fake ones work just as well! And no maintainence!
I've had 4 cavities, I'm a maniacal brusher AND I floss every day. :(
So it's frustrating when her husband brushes twice a day (in the morning and before bed), doesn't floss regularly, sees a dentist an average of once every 3 years, and has never had a cavity in his life.
My mom always would to tell the dentist not to use fluoride - but one time she forgot, and my teeth got fluoridated.

I've never recovered from the incident, to this day.