Gear Management?


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I'm looking for gear management tricks. Anyone have tips?

I'm getting more and more characters fully geared at 80, and realizing I need multiple gear sets to really use them to their fullness. My Guardian has a Soldier's set for WvW and "tanky" situations, and Zerker for running around the open world killing stuff quickly. My Mesmer has a condition damage set, and since ANet seems to like to flip between nerfing and buffing condition damage on Mes, a power set for the nerfbat side of the "balancing" cycle.

At the moment most of my characters have an invisible bag in their last bag slot. That's where I store my gear sets so I don't see them at the vendor. Problem is that whenever I switch out a piece, the piece I took off goes into the first available slot, higher in the inventory. If I put the invisible bag at the top, it will always get full of random loot if there are any slots available in it.

I wish, when I equip a piece of gear, it would automatically place the piece that switches out back in the slot that the new piece came from, but, alas, that is not the case. So I'm constantly having to go back in and rearrange the pieces I want to keep back into the invisible bag.

Am I missing anything that would make this easier? How does everyone else handles switching gear in and out?
get an exotic equipment 20 slot fractal box (forget what its name is) it will show your gear at a vendor but I put mine as the last bag and my gear always goes back to it and my exotic stuff is always at the bottom of the list.
Ah, thanks. I saw those equipment boxes a while back, and it said "looted gear" or something in the wiki, so I wasn't sure unequipped stuff would work or not.