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I was looking around at some of the other forums on CG alliance and found this thread about getting to know your guildies on the Redeemed forum from WOW. It is so exciting to see the guild starting to grow and I thought it would be fun to have a thread where we could learn a little bit more about our fellow guildies.

Don't feel like you have to answer all the questions. This is just where we can introduce ourselves and get to know each other a little bit better. :)

Name: Julie
Main Character: Alythea (Fury Druid)
Alts: Alsinia, Faithe, Kimbelin
Age: 40 ( :eek: oh it looks so much worse in black and white)
General area where you live: Southern California
Status: Married (16 years) 2 boys and 1 girl, dog, bird and snake
Spouse/Family in guild: Married to Valaris
Favorite Class: Hmm, still figuring this one out
Favorite Profession: Ugg, I can't chose just one, OK I can, carpentry
Personal Game Goal: Level 80 Carpenter with a beautiful and serene house
Favorite Bible Verse: Jeremiah 29:11
Other random facts: Live in Southern California near the beach and I hate sand and salt water
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Name: Sean
Main Character: Xiontawa (Monk)
Alts: Atnoix, Awnoix, Xionta
Age: 22
Status: Married, 2 girls
Spouse/Family in guild: Married to Nicholi
Favorite Class: Haven't really figured this out yet, but I love the Monk...
Favorite Profession: Hmm...I don't know :)
Personal Game Goal: Level 80 Monk or Pally, and begin a casual raiding group for the guild...
Favorite Bible Verse: Proverbs 3:5
Other random facts: Indiana...and wish the winters were longer...6-8 months is not long enough... :)


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Name: Mike
Main Character: Myrakle (Sarnak Fury Druid)
Alts: Mirakle
Age: 36
Status: Married (6 years) Twin girls (2yrs old) and a Chinese Crested dog
Favorite Class: Brigand
Favorite Profession: Tailoring
Personal Game Goal: 3000 quests completed
Favorite Bible Verse: Joshua 1:9
Other random facts: Lived in Italy for 3 years...Enjoy helping/serving others...Love theology and reading about Heaven.


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Name: Mike
Main Character: Unfetered (froglok zerker)
Alts: Ephezian (dark elf ranger)
Age: 33
Status: Married (9 years) Two girls (7 and 5 yrs old) One boy (16 months)
Favorite Class: Ranger
Favorite Profession: Undecided whatever makes money
Personal Game Goal: Find pvp
Favorite Bible Verse: Revelations 14: 14-16
Other random facts: Was in a christian rapcore band and produced 2 cds


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Name: Scott
Main Character: Vahl (Kerran Swashbuckler)
Alts: Non yet. I'm really trying to restrain myself from my typical altaholism.
Age: 39, but not for much longer...
Status: Married 17 years. Two boys and a girl.
Favorite Archetype: DPS
Favorite Profession: For now, whatever lets me upgrade my own abilities. =)
Personal Game Goal: Erm...have lots of fun?
Favorite Bible Verse: Ephesians 2:10
Other random facts: I, too, live in SoCal near the beach. sand is kinda meh, but I love the ocean. =)


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Name: Mark
Main Character: Arel
Alts: Zick, Repentance, Meekness, Praise, Proverb
Age: 39
General area where you live: Iowa, near corn :p love sweet corn :D
Status: Married 2 boys and 1 girl , 1 doggy
Spouse/Family in guild: Married to Mawusi
Favorite Class: Tanks
Favorite Profession: Jewelery
Personal Game Goal: To build a guild that honors his name and glorifies him!!
Favorite Bible Verse: Joshua 24;15 ....But as for me and my household, we will serve the LORD.
Other random facts: Met Kalleana aka Mawusi in EQ1 and married her, She tamed Zick :) ....and there are some people that have heard stories about Zick, I cant say if there true or not :p ...Happily Married and the Lord Blesses us each day with Love and it is our choice to plant that seed !! I thank The LORD each day for family that serves and loves him!!


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Name: Jason
Main Character: Spurgen (Barb, Mystic)
Alts: Tagtarsis (Monk) Smyrna (Beserker) Gidien (spelling may be off, Illusionist) ((((NOTE: None of these are in the Guild yet they are all still level 1 just made and waiting on me to give them some time.))))
Age: 32
General area where you live: Kansas City Missouri
Status: Married 5 years, twin Girls (Lydia and Elizabeth) 2 years old, one other girl on the way (Abigail)
Favorite Class: Kind of like all the ones I have tried. Do like the mystic and the monk most so far.
Favorite Profession: cooking But Spurgen is working on spell making
Personal Game Goal: level 80 (bonus exp) just to see the lands of EQ2 having played to end game on EQ1 (love to see the places that I enjoyed in EQ1)
Favorite Bible Verse: Psalm 22 (great witnessing chapter to the Jews)
Other random facts: I live in Missouri but I am really a Texan. I have been thinking and praying about going to Bible College. I want my whole life including in games to be for Jesus Christ!
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Name: Chad
Main Character: Preech
Alts: Kojah, Mywar, Zombuu, Dredlokk
Age: 39
General area where you live: SW Michigan
Status: Married for 14 with 2 boys and 1 girl. Three dogs (2 too many imo) 1 bird, 1 cat.
Spouse/Family in guild: My wife played EQ and WoW with me for years but don't think she's joining this venture.
Favorite Class: Haven't figured that one out yet, hence all the alts already
Favorite Profession: Haven't played long enough to figure that out yet either, but I sure do love making stuff for my apartment.
Personal Game Goal: To enjoy playing without playing too much. God wants me in his word and in prayer more than he wants me in Norrath :)
Favorite Bible Verse: Proverbs 3:5 (helps in sooo many instances)
Other random facts: I'm an artist. I love music way too much. I've been a born again Christian for 20 years. I have dreadlocks.