Global channel for RvR


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A thread in WA forums mentioned this, I think we should roll with it, what do you guys think?

Would there be any interest in using a global channel to organize keep attacks? I'm thinking it'd probably be more useful to organize sieges rather than respond to Destruction attacks, but either way is good.

To join it all you have to do is type:

/channeljoin Order

and then just /2 to talk in it by default.

to see who is in said channel, you just type:

/channelwho 2

Unfortunately chat channels aren't persistent across logouts, so you'll have to rejoin the channel every time you load the game. Still, there've been a handful of people logging into the channel throughout the day already, and a couple of messages about keeps being attacked. The more people who use it, the more we might be able to actually organise some decent keep fights without being hopelessly overwhelmed. Even if only certain guild leaders or officers join it, it could be enough to make RvR more organised.
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I'm guessing it wouldn't be that difficult to create a macro to rejoin channels, either. May be worth a shot.
It all depends if people join it and spam it or not.

I thought this was something Mythic did to mimic the WoW world PVP chat... horrible idea.