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I would just like to thank the admins on the tojcc server for doing such a great job of moderating everything. I would like to know just in general how old the admins r because I find they tend to be a little older so, thus they are busy most of the time, then NO ADMIN when we're playing x.x. but the admin we have provide quality services!  
I would especially like to thank a couple of admins, Kidan, Elihu, and Cresh just for being on and doing a great job!!  
I think I'm the youngest admin (16)... and exodus is the oldest cause exodus is ancient >_<

...actually I don't know who the oldest is..
whats that whippersnapper? speak up, can't hear ya...

but i'll still pwn you with my mp5, cane and all.
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Quote[/b] (Kidan @ July 08 2004,4:48)]I think GP is the oldest of us anymore....he's like 3months older than exo.
o_O o_O o_O o_O o_O

I thought it was exodus too.. but seriously he doesn't sound ancient over mic.. (yeh yeh CS mic reception isn't good but hey still!)

i thought cresh was like 30 :eek: i knew kidan was one of the "elder" group cuz he's got kids already :eek:

as for me... im with the "baby group"
*sup Myles lol*
! ----------- Suprise ----------- !

<span id='ME'><center>Gods_Peon walks upto the soap box with a walker, waves to the crowd, slowly returns to his seat. </center></span>

Ouch, that hurt all the bones in this old body
Nice job to all the admins! Even the old ones......you know GP....you're almost (sorta) double my age.....you're almost over the hill....I hear once you get 40 you start to loose your eyesight, maybe they better start making CS for braille for ya (i butchered that spelling). Maybe when exo's 40 I can kill him, *makes an evil plan*........*goes to find his aging machine in the garage*
actually peon and kidan both sound pretty old over the mic
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Quote[/b] (Creshinibon @ July 08 2004,8:10)]What made you think I was 30 =O ?
ur expression matches that of your avatar (homer simpson) lol i thought u were 30 because u sounded like :eek: