Going DAoC


Got my GF to check out DAoC and she says she'd be willing to try that one when we get her set up. Anywho; I'm not sure how active the DAoC chapter is. I'm playing Alb on Lamorak; so if anyone could point me to a good guild there, or hook me up with ours if it's active still I'd appreciate it. GF won't need one for awhile.

Abdi :)
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The original server for Knights of the Trinity (the guild) was Albion, Percival. Try there if you see no one on Lamorak.

And by the way... Friars rock :)
Yeah I love mine. Gonna give up DAoC while Im not addicted. Moving in a few months gonna have to give up all things internet.
Give Myth a shout If you email me or pm me, I will Forward it to myth, I believe he still lurks there
:) I'm here, just late...

We do have a guild on Alb/Lamorak...but it's not active. I am currently playing mostly on Albion/Percival and Hib/Gareth. So, find me on one of those, or post here and I'll get it ;)

Have a good one! (Friars rock....bah! Reavers do **grin**)
Hello again!

Hiya just wanted to let you know hubby and I have bought a new account and are starting completely over in daoc. Were still playing wow but now we have daoc for tuesdays and all the "sick of wow" times in between. What server is KoT actually playing on now? Looking forward to seeing any of you still lurking around in game.
I'd like to know, too :) I haven't played DAOC in a long while, even though my bank account seems to have $14.95 being sucked out it every month to someone named Mythic. I thought about getting back into it, if I can find the time. I was having fun with my character on the classic server, but I would love to get Gyllis to 50 (I really think that's the only reason I've kept giving up that $14.95 a month, thinking one day I would accomplish that goal). If more people start showing up on DAOC, though, that would greatly improve my reasoning for coming back.

Well, I'm still the Chapter lead, but nobody is active in the guild that I know of. Currently, I have 2 level 50's on Lamorak but I'm am in-active on that server as of now. I don't like not having ToA :(

Anywho, I'm on Albion/Percival again in the Knights of the Trinity guild and will be re-activating my account as soon as I hit lvl 40 on WoW :)

My wife and I went back to WoW to take a long needed break from DAoC and I am still hating Blizzard's customer support, so I will be going back to DAoC. I miss Odale, Icthus, and all the rest that I used to pester on DAoC, and now I have the chance to pester them on WoW :)