Going out of town


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Yep, Momma Pie, Baby Pie and myself are going back to CO in order to meet up with the movers and have them pack our stuff up so we can have it here in OR.

We are leaving @ 4am Saturday morning to start the drive.

Please pray for traveling mercies as the weather is supposed to be snow through Utah and wyoming.

We should be back by the following saturday if all goes well.

We will still have our cell phones though. :D
Home again....Praise the Lord!

Alrighty now, we are home once more in Cornelious Oregon. The Lord protected us from many dangers as we traveled.

The road to Denver was bad... We ran into ice on Dead Mans pass and crept along slowly, averaging 20 MPH... We had blowing snow across most of Idaho and in part of Utah... Wyoming was windy but pretty clear. Colorado was an easy drive.

It was nice and warm while we were in Colorado and the packers got everything done in two days.

We left Wednesday morning for home after an exausting night. They finished packing us out the night before at 9 pm....

THe drive back was alright. There was only light wind through Wyoming. Utah was bad with snow. We crept along at 5 MPH until well past Ogden. Then, all of the sudden the snow ended after we got into Idaho. Just before Twin Falls the snow kicked up from the side and made it hard to see the road.

We stopped in Twin Falls for the night.

The rest of the drive through Idaho was not too bad. Until we got to the passes. Those were pretty icy.

Dead Mans Pass was really bad. (It is the last huge pass between Portland and the rest of Oregon.) Coming home was really bad. The pass was so icy that at one point, we saw a truck whos cab slid right while the trailer continued straight. This scene happend through the whole pass. (Including with us....) After we got past Pendelton, the ride was smooth...

So yeah, thank you all very much for your prayers. Without them, I am not sure if we would have made it back safely...

We are home now. Our stuff may be delevered on Monday or Tuesday. :)

And.... Now I have to get back to painting so it is done before our stuff gets here!

God bless!
Couple of things:

1: Welcome home

2: It's Cornelius not Cornelious

3: I have a full size heavy duty dolly if you need it