Guardian DPS/Support Build (Kryle Joseph Odalyn)


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I'm creating this for those interested in a 1-handed weapon/dps guardian build that still provides support. I run in pretty regular groups and 90% of the time as the only guardian. I lean towards DPS but still want to provide a lot of support/util to my groups.

NOTE: This build paired with an anchor guardian makes a group invinciple.

Zeal 0

Radiance 30

  • Justice is Blind - Blinds foes when using Virtue of Justince (F1)
    [*]Renewed Justice - Allows you to spam F1 again when you take down a baddy...spam'able fire, blind and might.
    [*]Radiant Power - Perma 10% damage basically.
  • Signets Mastery - 20% faster signets - Heal skill is a signet.
  • Powerful Blades - 5% damage with sword/spear.
  • Right Hand Strength - 15% critical chance with 1h weapons.
Valor 0

Honor 30

  • Vigorous Precision - Perma vigor in battle.
    [*]Selfless Daring - Small area heal on dodge.
    [*]Elusive Power - 10% damage when endurance is not full.
  • Superior Aria - 20% faster shouts.
  • Empowering Might - Nearby allies (and you) get might when you critical hit.
  • Pure of Voice - Shouts turn conditions to boons.
Virtues 10
  • Inspired Virtue - Justice gives might/Resolve gives regen/Courage gives protection.
  • Master of Consecrations - 20% faster consecrations and last longer.
  • ! Underwater only ! - Unscathed Contender - 20% damage with aegis up.
  • All ascended zerker. When it comes to critical damage, ascended jewelry and the backpiece have the best ratios. Do not waste these slots on anything but zerker.
  • Sword/focus - soldier/soldier - force/accuracy - primary.
  • Scepter/shield - valkyrie/valkyrie - force/accuracy - secondary.
  • Staff - zerker - accuracy - situational.
  • Soldier - 2x Superior Monk/2x Superior Water/2x Major Sanctuary - These runes plus your traits give you +50% boon duration.
  • Signet of Resolve - Heals for over 8000 in 32 seconds.
  • Elite - Renewed Focus - Invulnerability and refreshes your virtues.
  • ! Fractal 40+ and Jade Maw fight only ! - Elite - Tome of Courage - Negates a portion of the agony for entire team.

  • Shouts
  • Hold the Line - Protection and regen.
  • Retreat - Aegis and swiftness.
  • Stand Your Ground - Stability and retaliation.
  • Consecrations
  • Wall of Reflection - Use on projectiles. Best skill ever.
  • Hallowed Ground - Use in fights where stability is needed.
  • Spirit Weapons
  • Shield of the Avenger - Use for projectile fights only (ex. AC spider queen, fractal fire shaman).

NOTE: This build mixes the pure DPS build with the anchor build. The non-DPS elements would be the runes, soldier weapons and soldier armor. For more DPS, get scholar runes or ruby orbs, get at least one zerker weapon and replace the shoulders/gloves/boots with zerker.

NOTE: Never run zerk on helm/chest/leggings as the ratio is just too much of a least for a guardian.
  • Food
  • Omnom Ghosts - primary.
  • Any power or precision focused foods are good too - secondary.
  • Consumables
  • Potions appropriate for the situation - primary.
  • Sharpening stones or maintenance oil - secondary.