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Question for you all. I just joined your community, primarily becauseI wa slooking for other christian players in DAOC.
I finally looked and found you :) But thanks to the clustering of servers it turns out that my main characters (all Hibs) are in the same cluster as the Knights on Percival.
Since I cannot stand Albion :) And I already have a full book of Hibs just next door, and I am prevented from makeing Albs now on a same cluster server... I was wondering if anyone was interested in making a christian Hiberian Guild :)
Could have a Missionary style name to indicate that they are the first to cross realms or something. also we could coordinate our own all over-guild attack and defence of the same keep :) Sot of dueling amongst ourselves in a vast scale.

Any thoughts?
Just let me know!

My most played toons are Laerachkeen, laerachsha, laerbot, Icykeen.
thanks for your input and God bless!
I think, and I am not sure. Myth still plays but he plays on the classic servers. Otherwise, I don't think anyone plays DAoC anymore.

Sorry to bring that news...
I've been meaning to get back on (after all I am paying $15 a month for it), I just haven't had the time. I still have a character on Percival and one of the classic servers (which one was it again? been too long :) ). I do have a hib character on Iseult, but I haven't played it in years. I had thought about going back to it, but I'm not sure I have enough time to build a guild. But I wouldn't mind logging on to help set one up, if others are willing.